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Subject I am beyond sick of GAY CULTURE being shoved down my Fucking throat
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Original Message Gay BS. Seriously do I give a shit about gay people? No? Quit shoving it in my face.

gay marriage, excuse me? This is not a government issue. marriage is a church issue. If churches want to fuck around with gay marriage-I don't give a fuck but I certainly will not visit your church as I don't want to watch something for which I don't care about. Gays can do whatever they like in their own privacy. I don't fuck in public. Marriage is a tradition, Gays want to redefine that tradition, its silly and so shortsighted and dim. Gays should create their own fucking celebration and ceremony. A recent poll stated more than 70% of gay couples were atheists, well so then why on godsgreen earth do they want to get married in a fucking church? They want the government benefits, fuck that its silly, the government needs to quit everything marriage.

Lets be honest

I have had sex, and I have had anal sex with a gal years ago. The vagina was 10 times better, I did a comparison back and forth back and forth. Just to get the truth in my mind. The vagina was created for the penis. So look the penis and vagina just work, its simple as that. The vagina is way better than an anus. Anal sex is kind of kinky and fun once or twice, but to crave it.. sorry, the vagina was made for the job. Clam bumping, totally incompatible and stupid. Oral sex, ok fine Oral sex is great. But listen, you can have oral sex all you want with your hetero partner. Ok, the argument that they are not as good, BS, you can teach your love what you prefer. Men who like to suck dicks, please that is not a reality. Women who crave vaginas in their faces, doubtful.

Most Gay people in my mind, were abandoned people or were raised poorly, picked on, mentally beat down, molested, raped or as a last resort just plain unattractive and lonely.

I feel for them. I really do.

There might be a tiny tiny tiny gene abnormality that can explain the gays who became gay from nothingness, and this we are talking is probably less than 0.0005% of the population.

My point, quit shoving gays down my face. I don't want to see it, talk about, hear about it or care about it.

Gays can do whatever they want in their own privacy and I will do whatever I want in my own privacy. We need to all live private lives, quit making this such a public spectacle.
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