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Subject The 911 Planes never Existed
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Original Message I am so fucking SICK of hearing people talk about planes, al qaeda, bin laden.

Guess what, none of it exists.

Have you guys seen this video?

It's a frame-by-frame analysis of all 911 footage, the planes NEVER EXISTED, they were simple 2d cutouts over-imposed over live footage, there was a number of inconsistencies and mistakes due to this, there is even some footage where they literally FORGOT to include the planes, there is footage of the gashes clearly being made by demolition charges in the shape of a plane without a plane ever hitting it.

Once you see this video, you can never ever believe that there were planes in 911.

[link to www.youtube.com]

Here is the real truth, whether you believe it right now or not, this is the only truth, and if it does ever come out, this will be the truth:

-There were demolition charges planted inside the higher floors set up to make gashes resembling a plane.

-There were demolition charges on the bottom floors, and rigging on every floor to cleanly bring the towers down in a controlled demolition.

-The planes never hit the towers, what was done was to artificially composite images of planes into the live footage, it was choreographed by the 4 major news stations, this was done by the NATIONAL stations and was very closely orchestrated to ensure consistency, this failed. All local stations were shutdown, communications were shutdown.

-The entire 911 mainstream "movie" was created by these stations, whom are owned by the illuminati, they were following a very specific script, however due to their incompetence they completely fucked up at various times, this is demonstrated in the video.

-There were never any terrorists or islamics involved, the entire plot was orchestrated by illuminati zionists, the secret goverment and parts of the Goverment of the USA, who did it in accordance to illuminati and luciferian symbolistic dating.

Can you people finally wake up and quit believing fucking BULLSHIT fed to you by mainstream media?

You're not enlightened if you stills swallow the Bin Laden Story, ANY part of the "Official Report", ANY part of the 911 production, you're not being radical or standing up against SHIT, you're not standing up for yourself, your erroneous, implanted nationalistic idea of "YOUR COUNTRY", you're not standing up for the victims of these ATROCITIES committed by criminals who put their OWN SYMBOLS on it. YOU'RE JUST BEING ANOTHER FUCKING DRONE IN THEIR SYSTEM.

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