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Subject Minnesota Needs Sharia Law!!-Too many cruel and mean people!!
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Original Message I lived in Minnesota for 3 years. I can tell you there are too many Jerks in Minnesota. People are cold and cruel. I am overjoy to find out that Minnesota is becoming Islamic. Minnesotans need Sharia Law. I would love to see a Minnesotan get their head chop off for violating Sharia law. They need it up there. Praise the Presidents who are Illuminati members for bringing them in!!!

I also wrote:
There are too many Jerks in America. We need a New World Order. I love the high unemployment rate, slow death of the dollar, police state, natural disaster, etc. America deserves it. I think Obama is the greatest president we ever had. America needs the New World Order.
Why neighbors do not talk to each other? They afraid that their neighbor is a Jerk who will ruin their lives.
Jerks is the reason why we have 50% or more divorce. Jerks are the reason why the marriage rate among women is very low, 42%.
I do not trust the American people because too many Jerks. I love the idea that TSA groping at the high school prom. I cannot trust the America people because there are too many Jerks. A jerk may take a gun and start shooting. TSA groping is GOOD because it prevent Jerks from taking a gun and doing a random shooting.
I wish the TSA will grope in every public event. This make me feel secure knowing no Jerk will open fire with a gun.
The US Constitution is an outdated document. It was written at a time that the problem of Jerks was minim.
The framers when writing the US Constitution did not envision the problem of too many Jerks in Generation X and Y. To deal with the problem of Jerks, the US Constitution needs to be trashed.
I am glad that majority of Americans are NOT waking up to the New World Order. I am over joy knowing majority of Americans are asleep to the New World Order Conspiracy.

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