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Original Message **THE CHANGES THAT WILL HAPPEN ON THE PLANET AND THE CHANGES........Big PLANS Battling Illuminati Removal.

Whats really going on. Don't believe it. Its ok that's your choice ask for clarity from the first creator.

Look, I live in Southern Cali and I say… BRING IT!!!


We have spoken before about how we will soon be changing into a new reality where we will no longer need to go to school to get smart because we will already have the mind of a genius, we will not longer need to go to a hospital because we will heal instantly, we will no longer need to go to work because we will know how to manifest our hearts desires instantly.

These are very difficult concepts to understand if we view them through our present lens of reality. However, that lenses of reality is going to be completely reversed in order for that reality to become something quite new and spectacular.

The reason it would be a complete waste of time and money for anyone to begin college at this time is because their minds will be so far beyond anything they could learn in a college in just a few short months. It would also be a mistake to send family off to college at this time because there will be some devastating earthquakes coming up that can’t even be imagined or compared to anything that has shaken this earth in the past.

The earthquakes will begin on the west coast on June 15 resulting in great destruction on coast lines all of the way from Alaska down into South America. This would be a very bad time to have family members going off to school in the Southern California area. There will be many colleges that will not survive the storms in the coming months that are on the coastline. There will be severe earthquakes from August until December.

The reason for and causes of these great earthquakes are the changes taking place within the earth and in the earth’s atmosphere as the density of the parallel anti matter field, that is moving closer and closer to Earth is raising the Earth’s electronic fequencies, and at the same time lowering its magnetic frequencies. The complete removal of the magnetic field brings us to a zero point magnetic field.

Our magnetic field has been lowered from the high of a fifteen down to a three at this present time, and it is weakening by the moment. It will weaken until it reaches zero point magnetic field. That is the moment the Earth will stop spinning. It will stop spinning for several days. The Poles will realign or shift. At that time, the Earth will begin spinning in the opposite direction.

*The most glorious time that has ever been known on heaven and earth will happen after that shift. The Earth will begin spinning in the opposite direction from the one it is spinning in today. That direction of spin is the direction the Earth is supposed to be spinning. It will spin in harmony, in alignment with its parallel, anti-matter self. That is it’s spiritual half. Each planet, each entity in the Universe has a parallel, or spiritual twin self. All will align into harmonic unison with these spiritual twins.*

One day very soon you will see nothing but a great plane of light from horizon to horizon. There will be no darkness on this plane for 12 days and nights. The stars and the sun will seem to become invisible.

That event could happen as early as August 12th of 2011, sometime in October or November of this year, or as late as December 23rd of 2011. Even though the exact moment of zero point could happen at any of these moments, we can place our minds into this zero point anytime after June 15, 2011. This will be the time the Earth is within her parallel self or her spiritual self, which means we are actually in zero point or oneness with our spiritual/ physical self at by that date.

We can most easily assimilate that glorious frequency of zero point by staying in the frequency specific part of our mid brain and staying out of the mortal mind- the upper cerebellum- the part of the brain that reports fear into the system and causes poisonous toxins of fear to shoot through the body. This is going to be difficult because while the glorious zero point is bringing about this glorious change, there will also be the most tragic earthquakes taking place.

The outcome that is necessary to bring about our new evolution into our glorious immortality and new multidimensional reality that is on the horizon is the zero point magnetic field causing the pole shift to take place which will cause a reversal of directions in the spin of the earth.

The Earth has been spinning the wrong direction since the time Jehovah and his Annunaki creations placed a Metatronic shield around the Earth to cause this reversal in spin. That was called the Tower of Babel. That reversal caused the people on this planet that were not shielded from it to have their brains altered. The reversal was to create stupidity and chaos on this planet. That reversed spin rate was to keep us in the control of the Annunaki manipulators. That reversal in spin was to cause the Poles to turn inward on themselves which would had caused the Earth to explode from the inside out.

Our beloved Guardian Starry Brothers from millions of galaxies have been bringing in the light that is pulling the Earth out of that tragic spin at this time. Our thirteen Light Councils created by our thirteen Great White Brother hood have done this for us. What was meant to be the end of the world in the terms of Jehovah is now the end of the third dimensional world of illusions that was pulling us into this dismal state of no return.

That is the most important part of the upcoming six months. There will be some wobbles and earthquakes coming during this time. Look at it as the most glorious of events that have ever come to this plane. Look at each wobble as an opportunity to shift into a glorious new reality of immortality, infinite supply and instant manifestation. Because that is exactly what we are shifting into.

The reason for these earthquakes is the density of the parallel anti matter field that is moving closer and closer to Earth and then lining up into the Zero Point of a zero magnetic field that will cause a complete removal of the magnetic field. Our magnetic field has been lowered from the high of a fifteen down to a three at this present time, and it is weakening by the moment. It will weaken until it reaches zero magnetic. That is the moment the Earth will stop spinning. It will stop spinning until the zero point of the Mind of God – the place where primary consciousness and secondary consciousness create a new reality- produces a brand new reality.

That brand new reality will take place within our bodies as our atomic structure shifts into light. Our sixth level blue crystal light bodies will flash their image into our DNA. That is not our double helix DNA. That is the etheric 12 strand DNA that looks like harpstrings within the soma of our brain’s neuronet. The new picture of our immortal bodies will be imprinted on the brain’s soma just like an idea is imprinted on the negative within a digital camera. When the Earth begins to spin again, it will spin in the opposite direction that it is spinning now. At that moment of the Earth reversing its spin, so will our reality begin to spin in a different direction. At that moment, our Soul has begun its evolution back toward Source, back into alignment with all of the Souls of all of our Starry Brothers from all Omniverses.

How do we become a genius? We shift into the mid brain area of the brain and out of the upper cerebellum where all of the illusions of this backward spin world have been placed. We melt the third seal that is locking us into control, fear and war. When the third seal melts away and we rise into the fourth chakra of our Soul a rainbow bridge is fired from the neuronets of the brain into the Synaptic cleff. The synaptic cleff that is inside of the soma of the brain will begin firing or transmitting the new reality directly from the mind of God. All will learn that the mind of God is within them. The primary consciousness that draws all wisdom from all consciousness of the omniverse becomes available as the tool of co-creation. We learn that we have a primary and secondary consciousness which creates through the zero point of the frequency specific mid brain drawing on all of the frequencies of all dimensions of consciousness. We become the genius. We become the co-creators with the Divine Mind of All.

We will have the ability to become Christs walking on Earth. We will become as the Masters of the Far East who have walked on Earth for thousands of years in perfect immortality.

Presently there is magnetic goop which is very sticky that is blocking our manifestation fields from our electrons. That goop will completely disappear when zero point of magnetics is reached. That will be the time when we can instantly manifest.

The reverse spin that was placed on the Earth will be removed. We start spinning in the same direction as our parallel spiritual earth. Our bodies start resonating harmoniously with our spiritual half. We become in tune, in synch, in harmonic resonance with our spiritual half.

We beceome at one with our spiritual reality that existed before the Tower of Babel. Just as the reverse spin made people stupid, so will the correct spin make people smart. We will realign from the inside into our 12 DNA templates. Those etheric templates are deep within the soma of our brains. They exist between the double helix of the third dimensional DNA. That Christ Consciousness exists within us and has been disconnected from us through the reverse spin. Now that etheric reality will return to those on Earth who make this connection through the harpstrings of the blue crystal bodies within.

As the Earth is having her poles realigned into harmonic re-attunement with the solar, galactic, universal and cosmic realms, so will our bodies reform, restructure, realign, re-cognize, re-atune and remember their Cosmic Music of the Spheres harmonic unfoldment into Eternal Bliss.

Our density of Consciousness will re-open from the hertzian frequencies into the infra red frequencies of light and sound that allow us to see the things that only our digital cameras are presently bringing to our vision. We will re-atune into our light bodies, our ultra violet blue realities of immortal perfection and into our eternal unfolding band of light of the Infinite Unknown Mind of God.

At the atomic level, our bodies are re-structured into a less dense chemical structure. We are changing from a hormone based structure into a new picture formed from the light of our crystal blue frequencies through the firing of the synaptic cleff in our brains.

Deep within our brains at the most etheric level, our cells are actually vibrating within the microtubules which are deep within the soma. Our DNA resides within this soma. The two or three DNA strands that intersect at the double helix of the DNA are only the out picturing of this present density of hertizian bodies. When we go into the etheric structure of the DNA, there are actually little harpstrings between these double helix structures. There are 12 harpstrings which connect into the universal light bands of our Christic Bodies. There are another 12 harpstrings layered upion those 12 and another 12 upon those which connect us into the Cosmic Consciousness at the 13th, 14th and 15th dimensional levels. These harpstrings within our DNA actually sing as they atune into the new frequencies of our multidimensional consciousness. This is the harmonic restructuring that is taking place within our brains and within our bodies as we focus on the frequencies of the Music of the Spheres.

The Music of the Spheres is actually the sacred geometry that realigns our proper polar alignment into our Cosmic Reality just as the pole shift taking place with Mother Earth is realigning her into her proper musical frequencies where the magnetic returns to zero and the electronic increases frequencies into a new heartbeat or rhythm of consciousness.

As this new alignment takes places in our planetary, solar, galactic and universal systems, a new form is established from the within to the without. We change in chemical structure, we change in amino acid chains, we change in atmospheric structure.

We are created within our fifth, sixth and seventh level bodies. While the fifth level bodies create the structures of weather, atmosphere, colors, textures, elemental structures, our sixth level bodies create from within our ultra violet blue crystal light body structures, and our seventh level bodies are in charge of our evolution into our higher ideals and into our Christic levels of consciousness.

Our sixth level bodies are our angelic bodies. We cannot see them, but they are always with us. They are the ones who restructure us from our harpstrings of our DNA and align us into the kingdom of heaven that is already within us. We sing through our blue crystal angelic consciousness to bring the highest frequencies into the harpstrings to restructure our minds and bodies. This is what the music of the spheres is and this is what is recorded on our Frequency Music CD’s. The Blue Crystal Aquafarian Consciousness is the perfect Consciousness of Love. The light bands of love that intersect within our DNA increase in frequency the more we inhale the love of our Aquafarian families. These are the entities who will make sure we become immortal. These are the entities who create the Individual Immortality CDs.

The most glorious time that has ever been known on heaven and earth will happen within the next six months. One day very soon you will see nothing but a great plane of light from horizon to horizon. There will be no darkness on this plane for 12 days and nights. The stars and the sun will seem to become invisible. There will be a light in the sky that is greater than all of the suns and stars. The principle of light that will come will light the void.

We will be caught up in awe of Utopia. We will gaze into the heavens and see the blazes of light. Many will think that our sun has burnt out because it won’t be seen. What we will be seeing are the great ships of the Thirteen Great White Brotherhood. The ships will be made of the light of their Frequency Bands of Consciousness. These will be their Merkaba Bodies of Light and Sound as large as the Universe. Their light comes from Thought through the Mind of God within them.

In 2012 most nations will have already shifted into the reality of using energy created by the sun, water and air. The problems of nuclear energy will be removed before the Solar Flares in December of 2012.

By the first month in 2013 our consciousness will have fully shifted into the 12 DNA template of Christ Consciousness. From that time on, all we have to do is learn how to use the Mind of God within us to Co-Create our new realities. By 2040, this planet Earth will be returned to her Divine Reality of being a Star. We will be living in a new plane, a new reality, we will have shifted completely out of the old and into the NEW. We will be flying our own spaceships to and fro into all dimensions, galaxies and universes. We will learn technology that was created millions of light years in advance of where we are today. Namaste, Crystalai.

[link to youtu.be]
~VeilsFalling247——————————– Thunder Yin Yang Thunder

All light beings are beaming love to you, and some are walking beside you, unseen but ever present.’

**Matthew’s Message: June 11, 2011**

Golden Age threshhold on target; reasons for imminent arrival of space family; effects of high and low frequencies, suggestions for relief; spiritual perspective of dark ones on the planet; no mass exodus during Earth’s ascension; lightworkers’ participation in world transformation

1. With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Even the most dedicated lightworkers have occasional moments of doubt that everything long promised can be successfully accomplished during the months remaining before Earth reaches the threshold of her Golden Age. This is understandable. You have only your history as a frame of reference for a realistic time span between the onset of major changes and stabilization afterwards.

2. But this is an era of revelations and transformation with speed and scope unlike any before in universal history, and once again we assure you that all darkness in your world will be gone by the end of your calendar year 2012. Furthermore, with everything in acceleration mode, linear time will pass more swiftly by the day, and the next eighteen months or so on your calendar will come and go faster than the past eighteen.

3. What you perceive as time actually is energy in motion, and as Earth continues her journey toward fourth density, she will enter ever higher, lighter energy planes as she approaches the continuum, where everything that you deem past, present and future is a series of events happening simultaneously. In this moment you cannot imagine that reality, but you will know it as you gain spiritual clarity and understanding of the universal laws. Ah, what wondrous knowledge and experiences await you!

4. Now then, back down to Earth, where many of you are asking “When?” specific situations will start—or end. We know that you are requesting which day or week or month, so we also know that “Soon” is not a satisfying answer. In this moment, however, “Soon!” is all we can tell you—but please notice the exclamation point! That punctuation mark would have been appropriate all along because of the unprecedented speed with which your world has been rising out of deep third density, so why now are we adding that emphasis to indicate that stunning developments are imminent?

5. The Illuminati have held onto control politically, economically and technologically several years longer than reasonably anticipated when the Golden Age master plan was designed. They know that despite the erosion of their global network, they still can control the population unless spiritually advanced civilizations come to Earth. That would completely doom all of the Illuminati’s dark activities, so they are determined to do everything within their power to prevent the arrival of our benevolent universal family members.

6. Due to that determination and tenacity, timing adjustments relative to landings have had to be made over and over again, and contingency plans also have had to be altered. A recent example is, the globally televised program that was to include space family members was scrapped because essential aspects had not been finalized. The dark ones among you strategically initiated turmoil in the respective countries of your participating leaders so that they had to divert their time and attention from planning sessions to dealing with the upheavals in their nations. And that comprehensive program’s replacement, a straightforward announcement acknowledging the existence of other civilizations, no longer is considered sufficient.

7. According to Hatonn, serious consideration is being given to a dramatic display of spacecraft and a simultaneous special bulletin on radio and television stating that the crews have come in peace and will land to assist us in ways that will be enumerated. Discussions are ongoing about the risks of “surprise” vs. the risks of waiting until safety can be absolutely assured for all involved.

8. On one hand, the peak of the Illuminati has not been yet dislodged, and except for starting a nuclear war, those individuals’ free will choice to take other steps to prevent extraterrestrials from landing must be honored. On the other hand, Earth is in great need of technology that can rid her of toxic pollution, particularly at Japan’s damaged nuclear facility; that technology, which is aboard the ships surrounding Earth and has been of some assistance ever since the earthquake damaged the reactors, will be much more effective on site.

9. There is another issue of urgency too. The nonstop manmade geophysical events and weather manipulation is having a double negative effect. The death toll, property damage, financial loss and other hardships to residents in the affected areas is obvious, but the other effect is global and not realized except by the perpetrators.

10. At the same time that you are continuously adjusting to the higher vibrations Earth keeps traveling into and the influence of the changing juxtaposition of celestial bodies, you are being bombarded with low vibrations emitted by the quake and storm-causing technology, and the combination is producing new or stronger physical, emotional and mental anomalies. This is affecting persons who otherwise would be in sound health and it is exacerbating the dis-ease of persons with organic malfunctions and weakened immune systems. At the least, low energy and exhaustion are prevalent, and at worst, many individuals are experiencing severe pain, illness, depression and mental confusion.

11. Only the elimination of those low frequency emissions can eliminate their effects, and because the various technologies being misused are integrated with power and communication systems, dismantling them without interrupting the services you need must be done at the sites. Security measures preclude unauthorized persons from entering those areas; however, members of our universal family have the ability to bypass those measures and successfully separate the various systems.

12. Those two vitally important situations are the reasons for their imminent arrival, but please do continue being patient. Prudent preparations to manage all potential situations on the ground are imperative, and the locations and timing of landings are crucial factors of overall readiness.

13. Another consideration is the realistic anticipation that a media blitz of “alien invaders!” will attempt to evoke fear among the masses. Although you will greet landings with jubilation, for most people it is one thing to see crafts in your skies and quite another to see them on the ground. By Illuminati intention, there is an abundance of “entertainment” that reinforces the invasion idea and a dearth of information about the civilizations that have been helping Earth ever since the populating programs started in antiquity.

13. Consequently, skepticism about strangers’ motives is natural, and persons who believe that they are to be feared will need understanding and truthful information. It may be helpful to have relevant books or printouts of pertinent parts of messages from light sources for family, friends, coworkers and neighbors who are afraid of the “aliens’” presence. However, feeling fearful is a choice, so please share your knowledge with those who are receptive and do not impose it upon those who are not.

14. Let us return to the effects of the low vibrations previously mentioned—that is, how you can obtain some relief until the source is eliminated. It is important to not become fatigued and to avoid abrasive personal encounters and crowds. While the planet’s movement into a more favorable celestial alignment will be helpful, the collective energy level at the moment still is unusually low.

15. Get as much sleep and rest as possible, even if this means foregoing usual activities except exercising in moderation, which also is helpful in keeping yourselves in balance. Walking—not sauntering, but as fast a rhythmic pace as you can manage without overexertion—is the best exercise during this time. Spend as much time as possible in natural settings—the energy of trees is immensely beneficial—and listening to soothing music promotes smoother energy flow throughout your bodies.

16. Eat less than usual, and a diet of primarily fresh fruit and vegetables will be more beneficial because those foods contain more light than cooked foods. Especially now those foods are more easily digested than meat, sea food and starchy foods, and it is advisable to reduce your intake of salt, sugar, sodas, tobacco and alcohol.

17. Drinking a lot of pure water helps your bodies’ electrical systems to function properly, and monatomic gold will be helpful in ridding confusion and permitting clear thought, also in restoring temporarily faulty memory. If you are taking prescription drugs, especially antidepressants, ask your health care specialist if the dosage can be reduced—the chemicals in all drugs always have adverse side effects, and these are exacerbating the effects of the conflicting vibrations.

18. Actually, all of those suggestions are applicable from now on. As your cells continue changing from carbon to crystalline, you will need less food and you will find light-filled foods more satisfying. Some changes from your former preferences and habits will come naturally in accordance with what your bodies and minds will tell you and other changes from your routine will require discipline.

19. Now we move on to another timely issue. We have been telling you about the dark minds and hearts that cause death, destruction, suffering and turmoil. The purpose is not to “point fingers,” but to explain what has been going on in your world for millennia, what is happening now and why, and what is yet to come. The truths about those individuals and their activities will be emerging, and it is vitally important that you regard them from a spiritual perspective.

20. For long ages darkness dominated Earth’s civilizations, and when the planet’s very survival depended upon ending the cycle of third density karma that the darkness perpetuated, certain individuals agreed to create situations and conditions that would give billions of souls the opportunity to experience what they needed to complete their third density karma and evolve into fourth density. It was a massive collective agreement designed to immeasurably benefit many, many souls.

21. After those individuals fulfilled their commitments to be the “heavies”—and they did that extremely well—the agreement was that they would join the light forces and this part of the galaxy would be rid of all darkly inclined beings. Instead, they became so attached to the characteristics and behavior their roles required—greed, lust for power, brutality, ruthlessness, deception—that they refused the intense light being beamed to them and they reneged on their agreement.

22. Regardless of the darkness that became pervasive in those individuals, they are inseparable parts of the Oneness of All, eternal parts of God and unconditionally loved by Him. God will not judge them—God judges NO soul!—but your world will when they are identified and held accountable for what they have done. Most will deny all accusations; others will admit the truth if it serves their own interests, such as immunity or reduced sentences for helping to convict others; and some will escape your legal and justice decisions by dying prior to the conclusion of their trials and appeals.

23. However, none will escape the consequences of their thoughts, intentions and actions in the “higher court” of lifeprint review in Nirvana, where they will experience every moment of the Earth lifetime. That process includes their feeling the identical feelings of every person whose life they touched in any way whatsoever, and in many cases, that number is in the millions. Your ideas of hell cannot begin to encompass the reality of what those individuals will experience during the lifeprint reviews or the primitive conditions of their next physical lifetimes.

24. Rather than the harsh punishment that third density mentality will demand for those individuals who became bereft of light except the spark that is the life force of every soul, compassion and forgiveness will best serve you and all others in the eternal Oneness of All. This does not mean condoning or excusing any of the actions that continued after those individuals reneged on their soul-level agreements.

25. It means that because all souls in this universe are inextricably related as independently experiencing parts of God, collectively you are family. Rather than punishing the weak ones in the family, send them light. When all members are supportive of one another, the family is stronger and grows in the love, wisdom and spirituality that is the goal of every soul.

26. Now we shall return to addressing some issues being questioned. To parents who are concerned about how to explain to their children why people will die during Earth’s ascension, we say: The same way you explain death to them now. People will continue to die daily from all the causes they do now—it will not be a simultaneous exodus of billions as some theories purport.

27. As for the care of children whose parents die, that will be no different from now, when other family members or closest friends step in. Children will accept forthcoming changes more easily than adults, whose beliefs and customs that have been molded by authorities and superficial societal standards will require a great deal of adjustment.

28. Although we hope that none of you is apprehensive about the recent predictions of cataclysms, we shall tell you that there will be no 1000-foot tsunami; no celestial bodies will collide with Earth; radiation from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant will not cause population extinction; no plague will annihilate most of the world’s peoples; living underground will not be necessary; the fight for freedom in Arab countries will not ignite WWIII. Your desires that none of those will occur are added to Earth’s intention that they will not, and the energy produced in the collective consciousness assures that none of those devastating events can be manifested.

29. The godliness of generously sharing with those in need does not extend to forcing your beliefs upon those whose own beliefs are different. Third density peoples embrace spiritual and universal enlightenment at the right time for each of them, and your ultimate responsibility is your own evolution in those respects.

30. Many are asking how they can best counter damage being done by a number of disparate sources or can help those who are enduring severe hardships. Rather than inserting all the questions, we shall mention only the specific areas mentioned: financial institutions, military actions, radiation, local and national governing bodies, homelessness, pollution, unjust laws, unfair taxation, poor health care, gasoline prices, deforestation, renewable energy sources, food production and education.

31. We rejoice at the outpouring of caring about others and the eagerness to participate in transforming your world! Follow your heart, do what you feel inspired to do. On a practical basis that could be sharing with needy individuals and local charitable groups whatever resources you have—time, talents and skills, knowledge, money, tools and equipment, transportation, shelter—or supporting national and international organizations engaged in environmental preservation or legal, political and economic reforms.

32. On a higher plane, visualize the world you want for yourselves, your children and their children: a world of love, peace, mutual respect and life in harmony with all of Nature. Never underestimate your power to turn visions and thoughts into actuality!

33. Our overall guidance in every area where betterment is needed is, Know your godself and live your light! Knowing that love-light, the most powerful energy in the cosmos, is the “ingredient” of souls and the basis on which soul contracts are made is part of spiritual clarity, and expanding that clarity is the purpose of all physical lifetimes of every soul. The speed at which awareness is available and the scope of enlightenment being offered to your civilization at this time is unique in this universe.

34. All light beings are beaming love to you, and some are walking beside you, unseen but ever present.

Suzanne Ward
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