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Subject BLOW UP YOUR TV! FALLING SKIES! ZOMBIES ARE REAL, AND YOU MAY BE ONE! Is there some kind of Monarch programming in these shows?!
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STOP listening to mainstream music!

STOP watching mainstream movies!

Grey/Reptoid agenda via Monarch and other covert programs are in massive full effect for this summer.

What are they softening us up for???

I am in the film industry

Naturally we know certain shows and movies are subliminal programming, subconscious psyops polling of attitudes, and overt desensitization manipulation...

Some financed by alphabet agencies

Look at...


By Lars Von Trier

Leading contender for palm d'or at Cannes

Plot? Planet about to hit Earth, impact of foreknowledge...

They are testing waters...

Falling Skies

TNT Premiere June 19

Promos are blatant, aliens, they are coming, what we do this summer controls fate. Concurrent to reality?

Friends in biz say chatter is eerie surrounding these projects...

I agree.


 Quoting: FILMMAKER 1389095

Its complicated to explain, but I will try. I´m not sure if I´m smart enough for all of you but I will try to explain the interdimensional moral codes to you people here. Befor you get born physical you will need to do a soul-contract. If you really decide to get born physical on earth, you will get explained of all the things that will happen. You will get told about other ones from other systems and their intentions and you will get explained why its a great process to go trough this experience on physical limited levels at exactly this time now. Than you will get born and these beings will wait for you here on earth.

They work with fear so they will manifest a visible body that will create fear. This body you people know as a the grey beings. These beings are workers of the antichrist and the antichrist is a reptilian draco with wings. They will get everyone if you are not vibrating very high in a totally state of love. They use musicvideos and famous movies with invisible digital processings that just your deeper subconscious will notice.

They pull your depper sections of your seelf directly out of your deeper levels and configurate it in a new way trough movies and popular music by brainwave soundwave modulations but not the official technology you know, because they got better technologys. The same they are doing with movies. They put a for the eye invisible algorithm into the movie frames and these algorithms will configure your subconscious in a new way and 2012 the sleepers (that are 90% of you people that live "normal" lives) will get activated for their monarch programing. This monarch programing you all got years before trough the beings you call greys. They worked for abolut the last 40 years on a monarch programing of the hole human race and just a few will make it.

Thats the reason why its necessary to explore the states of REAL love and a REAL higher vibrational inside because these beings are already here like millions of insects and they will need to wait just for a few months till they will start the fake invasion. Its a fake invasion because these are not real aliens. They are greys, but these beings are interdimensional and other greys got cloned and created from technology in underground bases. These beings are very strong and able to put you into a trance so can´t move or think. They even are able to control what you are thinking and doing if they are near you or focussed on you.

They will walk trough the streets in a few months and go from house to house at daytime. triangle shaped ships will be all over the planet. Government will do nothing against them because your government is also not human.
So you will just get away with a blue eye if you start now to increase your love and higher vibrational frequencys. These beings can´t stand energys of real strong love. These beings are what you call satan. What will happen 2013 is that another civilisation will come and it will split this earth-reality in two different polarity realitys so nobody of the one reality can get access anymore to the other earth-reality.

There will be 2 earths around 2013 so you can´t go trough 2013 by time travel because the other civilisation created the other reality to save all of you on earth, so its a closed and saved reality without any possibility to get access. Thats also the reason why multiple realitys will get fused into your awareness in the next months. It will start slowly and expand more till you all end up on a different earth.
 Quoting: cylob
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