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Subject [[[ A 188 Day-Interval! ]]] MUST READ - Between the last 3 Major Earthquakes corresponding to Alignment of the ELENIN—EARTH—SUN [PIN]
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Original Message There seems to be a correlation between the Mega-Earthquakes & the alignment of ELENIN/Nibiru. If you start with the Conception Chile earthquake of Feb 27, 210 and add 188 days, you subsequently get the Christchurch and Sendai earthquake dates. Will this pattern predict a likelihood of a Northern California Earth-quake in mid September, 188 days from the Japan one? New fault-lines have been discovered in the Bay and Tahoe areas.

[link to www.sonoma.edu]

SOME MORE FACTS ABOUT ELENIN: ELELIN is not a “Comet” as it could be the Actual Nibiru or one of it‟ satellites. On September 26, 2011 it will be between earth and the sun making it possible for ELELIN to be seen with the naked eye. Because of its size it may possibly block out the sun with its hazy trail of debris for 3 days. It will start to accelerate and approach Earth around July 6-7, 2011. The star reaches Earth orbit around August then on towards Venus and then Mercury around September, 2011. This could become the visible „2nd Sun. Additionally, the electromagnetic influence of the Sun on earth could be “interrupted” at this time; a possible „pole shift‟ could happen or a “wobble”. In November, 2011-the Earth would likely be in direct impact from the debris trail of ELELIN-which may causes meteors of Ice and Fire to fall to the earth; most notably also, Comet Honda which is trailing ELENIN will be .002 AUs from Earth which could be a near miss or direct hit on Earth!
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