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Original Message I was doing some research on felion hyperthyoridism and noticed that vets and others cannot explain why in the last 25 years the rate of Cat thyroid disease has risen dramatically. I CAN TELL YOU! The same reason for human thyroid problems and Cancer being in one of three people today. Its all goes back to 1986 & The Worshipful Company of Fuellers attack on an scalar interferometer not far from Chernobyl which created that incident poisoning the World still today with radiation now we have Fukushima by the same villians.

The radiation affects the Kidneys and Spleen functioning whilst damaging the Pineal gland regulation of the left and right hemispheres of the brain once thyroid problems expand. Remember on the Liver is damaged by Cesium 137, Strontium 90, Yttrium 0, Plutonium 244 and Uranium. Whilst the Spleen is damaged directly by Cesium 137. The Kidneys take a direct hit from Uranium 235 and Barium 140. The Thyroid will take a direct hit from the Iodine 131. Now remember the Kidneys, Spleen and Liver are very closely connected together when dealing with your health. The Liver balances the Spleen and the Spleen balances the Kidneys whilst these power the Liver and look after Heart function. Now you'll see why things expand and increase in illness symptoms.

Interesting how a few years ago the establishment gave projected statistics for Cancer after 2010 at one in every two people. This has been happening as planned in parts of Canada in masculines. But you'll see it widespread after the 3rd of March 2011 with the Fukushima, Japan attack. They know exactly what they're doing and if you could read Audrey Tomason's thesis you'd see its all laid out in there mentioning the radiation slow kill for a supposed humane death. All of course to aid the U.N. Agenda 21 program working to the agenda of depopulation for the Club of Rome and its Global 2000 Report.

-The Unhived Mind

[link to z10.invisionfree.com]
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