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Subject “The Genesis Seed”
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Original Message “It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, hidden inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key.” Winston S. Churchill

My entire life I have struggled to understand the origins of our species. An education system that teaches an age old misconception of evolution and a theological one that teaches an age old misconception of a singular entity, neither of which gives a clear explanation of the truth.

The process of artificial selection never produces wholly new characteristics, within the confined structure of DNA. There is very little if any evidence that natural selection without the input of new genes does either. Notions that mutation and recombination can compose new genes are implausible, almost laughable; to believe this is what is taught to impressionable children within the education system.

Evidence that mutation and recombination can compose functional new genes that differ from any known predecessor by more than, a dozen essential nucleotides is falsified by the scientific evidence.

The evolutionary chain as proposed by Darwin’s prediction does not appear to be gradual; on the contrary, the standard theory cannot explain why the coordinating genes that control the development of embryos and major features are often very similar across totally different species. The macroevolutionary progress as a whole is not accounted for by neo-Darwinist microevolution. Because, of these new findings on evolutionary biology beyond the neo-Darwinist approach, my conclusion is that life comes from space; and that the “The genesis Seed” has evidence of intelligent design and operation (not creationism).

The theological approach is that, an omnipotent, omnibenevolent entity chose to create us based on its likeness and form. This whoever in my opinion does not seem plausible, as a logical thinking mind would ask the age old question “WHY?” and in turn get the answer “Because, he said so”. We have all heard this line given to us by our parents or by those in authorities; and never really receive a real explanation.

I put forth this hypothesis for your review and criticism. Research in the fields of RNA and DNA; specifically breaking down the encoded molecules into their simplest of elements, have led to amazing scientific discovery. The first of which is literally the astronomical number of amino acids, complex proteins, and peptides making up the helix. A single strand of human DNA consists of close to 4.2 billion amino acids, complex and simple protein, and peptides. You would think then if we are the end of a long evolutionary chain of primates, they too would have this astronomical number but, yet they do not, not even close to this figure. Of course the majority of you have heard the term “Missing Link” right? Well, why would we need a link with all of the paleontological evidence that we have found on early so called “MAN”?

Answer: “Because, when a so called missing link is found and a sample of viable DNA is examined, it is found to contain a far less number of essential same chain amino acids to be that preverbal missing link.”

So what are we then? If our so called closest living relative is not that of the primate, then what does have the closest number of same chain amino acids to human DNA. Answer: Crocodile “What?” That is correct. To simplify the complexity of the statement, a little less than 5% of primate DNA can be sequenced into human DNA; whereas 17.5% of crocodile DNA can be sequenced within human DNA.

So once again, how can this be? Well you see hidden within your structured DNA is a virus, this little virus deemed “Genesis Seed” is a very complex critter. In order for you to understand how this virus functions within DNA you must first understand the effects of resonance and vibration within DNA.

Each atom in the universe has a unique vibration or resonance. This resonance is the “Key” element in the forming of molecules, simple and complex organisms, and “Life” as we know it. Without this “key” and a transfer system "the virus" nothing in the universe that is organic could form nor could it exist. The concept of this has far reaching implications and the outcome of this finding has led to a wide spread panic within the scientific community.

98% of all DNA is so called “Junk” DNA; this is non-coding DNA. “Junk” DNA does not have a known function, meaning they do not form proteins, shapes, substances, or traits needed for life to exist. So why is the material present? Answer: Without this so called “Junk” DNA the forming of life in the universe would not be possible. The “Junk” is like a soup; a mess of building block material when introduced into an organic rich environment along with the ability to encode information onto this material through the “Genesis Seed” forms complex proteins, shapes, and traits. The process of forming life looks more like endosymbiosis then evolution, whereas a partnership is formed within its environment and not one of natural selection. Organic life then gets formed not through the selection of the fittest but, yet through the ability of the “Genesis Seed” to transfer the encoded resonance information for the forming of simple and complex shapes, proteins, and traits.

Many micro-biologists, molecular biologists, DNA Specialists, and researchers have stumbled onto this information and it has caused them their lives. This information is being kept secret by the powers that be, within the following list of top scientist who have all died from mysterious causes, are several field researchers I believe perished, based off the notion they were going to leak this “Genesis Seed” Information to the general public.

[link to www.rense.com]

The “Genesis Seed” project now dubbed project “Star Flower” is still continuing to this day. The government is well aware of the implications that this information would have in the hands of the general public. And I suspect that religion will have a great deal to say about this information as well. I look forward to your comments and questions.

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