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Subject The Norwegian tragedy - a signal of a new era for Europe
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Original Message What is this Norwegian tragedy all about? First off, let's introduce the perpetrator.

Anders Behring Breivik
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Anders Behring Breivik (born February 13, 1979 is a Norwegian citizen and the self-admitted perpetrator of the 2011 Norway attacks. Police believe he acted alone but have not ruled out the possibility of an accomplice. His anti-multiculturalist and right-wing militant ideologies were exposed in an online 1516-page manifesto published the day of the attacks under the pseudonym Andrew Berwick.

Quite a normal introduction for such a "mad-man"(in quotation because I wish not judge him but get to the meaning of it all). What is important is the heart of his belief, which is:

Breivik wrote that it was essential to "fight" for a "Judeo-Christian Europe", praised the rejection of "anti-Jewish views" and stated that "the new Conservatist ‘new right’ is rapidly developing into a pro-Israel, anti-Jihad alliance." He applauds Israel, and considers Israel to be a victim of alleged "cultural Marxists" who "see Israel as a 'racist' state".

Hours before the shootings occurred, Breivik released an anti-Muslim video detailing that many Christian groups desired a violent staged revolution in Europe to kill the "cultural Marxists" who were, as he saw it, working to weaken Christendom and the "cultural purity" of Europe. He advocated the organization called the "Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon." His video urged Christian Europeans to be “justiciar knights,” and rely on the virtues of the crusaders and other Christians in Europe who had battled Muslims in the name of Christianity.

From this comes the conclusion that he is a part of a group. In our Slovenian media it is mentioned that he is a part of a group which aims for military and political power in Europe's Western Countries.
As is evident he is anti-Islam and anti-multiculturalism. So, why would he blow up a building in Oslo and kill many dozens of young people, which are a part of a party) on an island away from it all. What does this Labour party stand for? It stands for what he is against. That is pro-immigration and pro-multiculturalism. And since they were the young to-be-politicians, the children of this idea, he decided to strike at them. Destroy the young and the idea fades away. It was a symbolic act.

But this is not the only reason. This is an act, which is covered by almost every media in the world right now. What better way to present him and his ideas/propaganda to the world. If just one person bites his propaganda he did what he wanted, because that is one more person to continue his plans. But with such extensive coverage I bet there'll be a lot more.

So what does this mean?

Well, it means that he gave out a signal to other Europeans to stand up and fight against Islam. While I do support the preservation of European cultures, I am against such violent acts. But he goes for war, he wants war and guess what? When things go from bad to worse, his idea will remain in people and what then? It's gonna be an all out war. Violence unheard of. People are aware of the great islamization in Europe and I have heard stories from a muslim friend; one of them was how she was almost ignored by a muslim teacher, until she told him that she was a muslim. After that he offered her everything she would need to learn. Do Europeans act apriori like that? Selectively acting in society. I'd say no in most cases.

By no means, I have no problem with Muslims, but when they try to shove their faith and culture down my throat when THEY are the immigrants I get kind of unhappy about it.

Well, his plan worked in my oppinion. Watch the trial! I am sure this theory will hold ground as more is revealed. The seeds have been planted. Now we wait...

Just my two cents 5a
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