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Subject SEVEN facts that PROVE the Norway terror attack was a FALSE FLAG
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Original Message Here are some of the many facts and news reports that CONTRADICT the official story of the Norway Terror attack:

Bombing of Oslo government building
Official Story: A truck bomb exploded outside the building

1) Raw video taken seconds after the bombing ( [link to www.youtube.com] shows damage to buildings on opposite sides of the street, but no blast center in the street.
The video also shows a massive amount of building debris scattered throughout the street, as if it was expelled from the buildings... which is inconsistent with an external truck bomb.

2) A CNN.com article makes the following observation:

"One explosion appeared to have occurred on an UPPER FLOOR of a main government building; every window on the side of the building had been blown out."

(This could be referring to the smoke and flames you can see in the upper floor of the corner of one of the buildings in the above video)

[link to www.cnn.com]

3) An Irish news site reported the following:

"Its also been confirmed that there are still UNDETONATED explosives around government buildings in Oslo, and that there are bodies and body parts in the buildings.

[link to www.thejournal.ie]

4) Gothamist.com and many other news sites reported MULTIPLE explosions occurring. Their early report stated that:

"Officials say two explosions at a government building in Oslo today killed two people, and a local police chief says there are "a lot" of casualties."

[link to gothamist.com]

Massacre on Norway island
Official Story: The shooter acted alone

1) The London Telegraph and many other news sources reported that survivors saw MULTIPLE SHOOTERS on the island. According to their report,

"Anders Behring Breivik, th­e suspect in Norway's twin attacks that killed at least 92 and wounded 97, says he acted alone, police said this morning, after some witness accounts said a SECOND GUNMAN had taken part in a mass shooting."

[link to www.telegraph.co.uk] (Scroll down to time 10.20 on July 24)

2) A leading Norwegian news site is reporting that the shooting suspect was TALKING INTO A HEADSET while he gunned down dozens of children on the island.

Using Google Translate:

bt.no was last night reported that the perpetrato­­r was talking in the headset during the massacre. This will be a number of eyewitness­­es have observed."

[link to www.bt.no]

3) ITN News anchor John Snow gave this ominous report, which he also mentioned on Twitter:

"...he surrendered the moment police called his name 3 minutes after they arrived. What we don't know is how the POLICE KNEW THE TERRORIST'S NAME BEFORE THEY ARRESTED HIM."

[link to twitter.com (secure)]

[link to www.telegraph.co.uk] (Scroll down to time 10.20 on July 24)

Note: According to the Telegraph article, the gunman told his lawyer that he surrendered to Norwegian Special Forces (Scroll down to time 9.10 on July 24)
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