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Subject The Ribbon and the Bubble
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Original Message Our solar system is in a giant magnetic field. If you think of the earth's magnetosphere...well, the sun has one too, and its called the Heliosphere. Basically, it is the solar winds. The solar winds flow out in the form of a magnetic 'skirt'.


At the edge of the Heliosphere, is called the boundary, or the heliopause. This is where the solar winds meet interstellar space and slow down...eventually to stop, leaving us in a 'bubble' of solar wind moving through the vastness of interstellar space.


Now, when Fluffy and the heliosphere merged, it made a remarkable change to our heliopause! It created a RIBBON of magnetism at the convergence point. The only way to create a magnetic 'Ribbon' is through electricity! Or charge! So, this interaction with the heliopause and Fluffy has a large component of electrical charge associated with it. Not only that, but this interchange of energies, this Ribbon, dwarfs the solar system!


The boundary of the heliosphere protects the solar system, just like the magnetosphere protects the earth from energetic 'particles', like solar storms. Well, interstellar space has storms too, in the form of exploding stars, etc.

These explosions form 'clouds' of energy in interstellar space, and sometimes we pass in and out of them. Depending on their size, it can take centuries and even millennium to pass all the way through them. Depending how energetic they are, they can and do affect the solar system and all the planets inside them.


BUT, normally, the boundary protects us from these and the clouds actually envelope our little 'bubble' of solar wind, and do not really penetrate the 'bubble'.

It would look something like this...


If the clouds (plasma - electricity and magnetism) are really strong though, they have the ability to penetrate into the heliosphere and the solar system becomes more 'energetic'. Just like when a solar storm happens...


...our atmosphere becomes more energetic and we see the aurora borealis.



But, imagine that energy that makes the pretty lights of the aurora penetrating the magnetosphere...well, it would cause disruption inside our atmosphere.


Same kind of thing.

So, the question is if the dense areas of Fluffy...


...has it actually been able to penetrate our heliopause and enter the heliosphere, thus disrupting the solar system with more energies.


If it has, then we WILL change. These things cause evolution to occur, and extinctions. This has been proven through ice-core samples and timing of the clouds we passed through already, determined by astrophysicists.
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