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Original Message 1.Lay on a bed and don't move.
2.Close your eyes.
3.Make sure there is no sound around you and no one
disturbing you.
4.Think about you detaching your spirit from your body.
5.Think that your body is only a physical object and
you are the spirit.


6.Start detaching your toes.
7.Start detaching your hands.
8.Start detaching your head.
8.You will start feeling numb. You won't feel your body
anymore after a while.

9.Don't get out of this state...keep trying to detach yourself.

10.Think about you being ready to detach from your body.
11.Think about you looking at your body from above 5-10 feets.

12.Now think about you getting out of your body.
Stay in this state for quite a long time.
After doing this for atleast one month, once every week. You will be able to get out easily after. It might take more time in the beginning depending on your spirit state.

13.You got out of your body. Now what? Always plan your trip before going out of your body next time.

Here's a list of stuff you can do:

1.See what your friends are doing.
All you need to do is think about a friend
you will directly be teleported to them.

2.Explore the earth and the universe
Yes, you can explore the earth and other planets and universes.
Make sure you don't go too far, I will explain why later.

3.See different versions of yourself in different parrarel universes.
Not sure if you can access information about how
your different versions became what they are now...But you can still see what they became and maybe even how they became that.

You can even do more things...I am not sure of everything you can do..I haven't practiced enough yet.

Now, How to get back to your body?
Simple, Just get back...Think about your body...Think about
yourself in the physical world.

There is a cord attached to your spirit and your body.
This cord is to make sure that you don't have to find
your body by yourself to get back to it in case you explore other universes.
This cord can extend infinitly.

Cord Description:
1.Prevent other entities from entering your body.
Because this body is linked to your spirit.
2.Send information to the spirit and Receive information from the spirit.
3.Make sure you never get lost.

Don't be scared about not going back into your body.
Only people who don't know about this don't know how to get back. As I said, don't go to far in the beginning. Start praticing and with time, You will be able to do everything without worying.

Have fun!
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