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Subject SHTF: Your Responsibilites to Your Family, Friends, Neighbours, Community
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Original Message I just spent around two hours this morning having 'the talk' with my husband about what's coming down and how we as a family are going to ride it out. We've discussed this stuff many times but he's never really wanted the all the details. He's whip smart but has so far sided more with what the MSM tells him than anything I've presented him with from a wider range of sources which includes the likes of Zerohedge and Max Keiser. In response to his multitude of very detailed questions I had to go through the entire history of other financial collapses - going back as far as the Roman empire, then Germany, the Soviet Union and Argentina. As I explained, no two collapses are ever the same, the mechanisms for the collapse and the steps that are taken preceeding the meltdown are always different - yet one can extrapolate from the information a likely scenario as to what might happen next.

Two things stand out: restrictions on access to bank accounts. Devaluation of money leading to hyperinflation.

The result is dreadful deprivation and usually social chaos.

It was exhausting for both of us but we finally got there in the end. He's beginning to see the reality of what's coming down. I explained that there will probably be mini-rallies as Central banks throw more public money onto the bonfire in an effort to shore up the markets. As of the end of July, Zerohedge reported the US alone had spent 700billion from the beginning of the year buying bonds etc. The nearly - what was it - 2 trillion? - blown these last few days was probably again in an effort to shore up worldwide markets. The European central Bank will no doubt be doing the same. When all public monies are at last completely exhausted, and there are no more public pension, healthcare or public sector payroll funds to throw on the fire, the whole lot will collapse completely. A few days or a few weeks, maybe, but soon. Very soon. In between now and then expect a wild ride and at least those who are aware and not drugged to the eyeballs panicking.

We have responsibilities to our families, to our friends, to our employees (if we have any) and to our neighbours and communities to try and lay down plans to sustain our peeps when there's nothing left but the support of our fellow man. Someone has to be the adult, and as a forum populated by people who are unusually awake, rational and unafraid to confront reality no matter how unpleasant it may be - I believe that role falls to us. Society needs good leaders right now - step up to the plate and do what has to be done. Your special people need you. Be strong but do all that you must do out of love. Sound the rallying cry. Gather people together. then roll up your sleeves and get to work.

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