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Subject Earth like Astral Experiences
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Original Message I'll get to the point.
It started with a completely spontaneous OBE in 1995. More to follow (all spontaneous, I never worked at it) Years of research and reading. Most experiences happen just after the hypno state, and I have lately been able to pinpoint vibrations as I'm drifting off.

Some experiences are what I perceive as "negative"... and I don't know if that is just my mind projecting fear. Anyway that isn't what I wanted to discuss.

Lately, I've been immediately drawn or brought to places that were very earth like in appearances, and for the most part, people there were in human form (although sometimes shifted shapes) Most seemed to have either a neutral attitude toward me (like a passing a stranger on a street) or they took an interest-telling me things I knew at the time were important but now can't remember. Last night I was in a room full of kids-teenagers-it was almost like a party. Most ignored me but a few sat down to talk to me. It was pointed out that I was "asleep" and wouldn't remember much when I woke up (and I didn't) but I retain the sensation of knowing things for a brief time. It was like a game to them.

Another time recently, I was in a convertible driving along a beautiful coastline, or a bridge, over a huge body of water next to a city. The sunshine was illustrious. The ocean shined. I felt a great feeling of peace and didn't want to leave. It was very earth like, but distorted-like on steroids. I remember the conversation being important, but can't remember details. I do know when I find myself in these states, my emotions immediately take over and I begin with a flooding of questions to whatever or whomever is there with me. I know some have been answered, some haven't. Sometimes there are sexual encounters..this is kind of strange to me.

I'd like to know if anyone else out there has these types of experiences and what do they make of them...

Please, I'm not interested in anyone blabbing religious bullshit or raising BS flags and then telling me it's a dream. I'm interested in hearing from people who have been there and what their thoughts are. Thanks.

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