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Subject Alien Interview
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Original Message The purpose of this thread is discussion around the Alien Interview that took place back in the times of Roswell crashes. I just learned of this book a few days ago as somebody posted it in one of my threads.

Now at the time of the Roswell crash, there were two craft that came down some distance apart. each as a survivor. Most of you may have read something of EBE who survived until about 1951,. EBE was a PLANT person and a member of a group who had come here to help man deal with the increasing issues of carbon dioxide. Yes there are PLANT people as planets vary greatly in the intelligence walking being that evolves out of them. ATmospheres, densities, pressures, temperature vary. You might want to google Roswell crash and EBE. It was thought EBE was a gray by many readers but not so.

This crash had one survivor also that lived fine for several weeks, and then there was an attempt to disengage the soul or murder, whatever. This person was a gray, and it's not correct totally to say a gray, because it's just a body type, and a synthetic one at that, that is use a great deal by immortal spirit beings to travel the cosmos. it actually comes in most of the colors of the rainbow and while.

Here is an example of the more white tall "gray" used by very ADVANCED "angelic origin" beings. :Aton, sort of: In fact those of you that read my stuff from and about MIchael of Nebadon/ATON, this is the body type he is using for this mission. He is a spirit being and must walk this plane and he is often all over the place in craft and it suits his needs. At one time I did a work on this, in which we called this type of form, the "casper the friendly ghost form", as many people did watch those cartoons long ago and you will remember that nasty ghosts in the story had a more nasty form. there was great truth there. Aton's form for his return is about 9 1/2 feet or 3 meters tall. I have met him and this form is more muscular and he can actually intake small amounts of food, and uses a formula for nutrition, intaking liquid light with other substances to nourish the form. Many of your guardian angels use these types of forms. You will much better understand it when you read what it is. In fact the all do, and some of you have gray visits are being visited by both friends and guardian angels.

At any rate, if you choose to read this book I am posting, you will get a much better idea of what the body does. Some think these ones don't have souls. Yes they do, but there is also a form created as a slave form by such as the Orions, that is not ensouled in the meaning of the world. And I can discuss that more later.

I need to shower and tend an appointment, but I decided to go ahead with this project as there is interest.

Here's the pdf file. Its free, but I also purchased a copy, feeling I owe the author if I am going to teach, to not use a possibly pirated copy. It's only $5.

[link to www.theparacast.com] if you use google and "alien interview' you will discover lots of free pdf's. and also the original website.

I am also going to get a link to a thread here, where there has already been some discussion because I posted the link in it. The reason I posted in it, is I sensed a bit of fear in the poster who had some gray experiences. I think I will move my posts from that thread to this one later today.

Thread: Last Year I was a Foot Away From a Gray Alien, Twice

I think READING this book will enlighten anyone of interest and perhaps reduce the fear. The alien is a lovely being and the person who spent weeks with her gathering information, was an army nurse at the time. I can probably answer most to all questions which might come up. Now the file seems big, it is a book but the first 1/2 is the story and the 2nd 1/2 is annotations and foot notes. I may or may not be back to the thread tonight, more likely tomorrow.
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