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Subject Just an update to the body bag threads. Update first post
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Original Message For those (most of you) who don't know me, I work with a defense contractor in SW Ohio specializing in medical/logistical products.

Way back, I made known my sincere concerns about the buyout of our stock of Burn Bags (NBC body bags that are burn friendly.) Also, the massive buyout of NCB in-line bunker filters for advanced filtration systems.

I am making this update to remind everyone of the reason of my concern, and the time line.

First and foremost, these products were purchased from me and my company at no-bids.

Usually, the government (or whomever) puts out feelers, gets bids and chooses a supplier.

For these goods, I just got a mass order number, and a new demand request for their bulk order to be delivered to our warehouse for their consignment storage on Oct. 23'rd. They also purchased our available stock on top of their production demand. This is "no-bid" meaning "Charge us whatever the heck you want." This is very rare, and I've only seen it done in times of emergency (like Katrina.)

The main concern I have, the body bags have anti-biotic properties and fire accelerates. One year after the date of manufacture, they will lose all effectiveness. The NBC filters about 5. After those dates, the filters (and body bags) will actually become much worse than useless... they will become toxic to handle and definitely dangerous to use.

To digress, a ton of money was spent to expedite a gigantic order of things which have very strict expiration dates.

Read into this what you will.


They're off to Denver. Just like I said, before the "training exercise" was even announced, that they had bought them for a big exercise. That was it.

Operation Mountain Guardian. The shipping order came through last night, I didn't even see it until this morning, right now and already all the inventory is wrapped and gone.

There is absolutely no way in hell this is a training exercise. No way in fucking hell would they be using the stuff they bought in consignment for a training exercise. They are lying through their teeth, and now I'm as paranoid as anyone else on this forum.

I have no proof that this is a cover-up, but I will tell you with no hesitation this exercise is covering the movement of large quantities of equipment.
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