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Subject Earth is a black dwarf star.
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Original Message I was trying to hold on to the theory and claim it, but it's no use, no one will listen.

All the planets in the solar system were stars, yes, even the moons, because gravity is not powerful enough to coalesce matter into gigantic spheres. Gravity is not strong enough to cause fusion, only electromagnetism is. Electric currents form stars, not gravity. And stars eventually lose their outer layer of hydrogen from it becoming other elements, a.k.a. everything in/on earth!

All the magma flowing and plate movement is caused because when the earth cooled, it formed a gigantic outer crust made of silicon, which has a higher boiling point than iron.

If you wikipedia "black Dwarf" the people say that the calculations say they can not exist, because they would be older than 13.7 years, this is proof that the solar system itself is comprised of objects that are older than 13.7 billion.

Redshift is a bunk method for determining distance, because quasars have a much higher redshift than their companion galaxies.

Big bang is bunk. Wikipedia "peculiar galaxies". Or youtube: the big bang never happened.

You do the math. Math is for idiots anyways!!! You don't need it to explain the universe!

BTW spacetime does not exist, neither do black holes. Spacetime is reification:

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

And black holes are a simple math error caused by the division of zero.

Einstein was a god damn idiot. Yes, I said it. Hawking is one too.

Run with it godlike! Make me proud, even though I solely invented this idea and will not get any credit for it! Whoo hooo!!!5a
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