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Subject Is The North American Craton moving again? There is evidence to suggest it has come to life. Details inside.
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Original Message The evidence I put forth today is an indication that The North American Craton has been moving again.

Sunday September 11 2011, 12:27:45 UTC 26 hours ago western Texas 4.4 10.3 Detail
Sunday September 11 2011, 18:36:34 UTC 20 hours ago western Texas 2.5 5.0 Detail
Sunday September 11 2011, 20:31:58 UTC 18 hours ago western Texas 2.7 5.0 Detail
Monday September 12 2011, 00:31:49 UTC 14 hours ago western Texas 2.8 4.3 Detail
Monday September 12 2011, 02:29:30 UTC 12 hours ago western Texas 2.3 5.3 Detail
Monday September 12 2011, 02:29:30 UTC 12 hours ago western Texas 2.3 5.3 Detail
Monday September 12 2011, 09:19:46 UTC 6 hours ago western Texas 2.6 4.8 Detail
Monday September 12 2011, 09:26:12 UTC 5 hours ago western Texas 2.7 5.0 Detail
Monday September 12 2011, 14:18:34 UTC 63 minutes ago western Texas 3.4 5.0 Detail

That is significant for that area in Texas, Confirms North American Craton is coming to life.

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

These >3 quakes are the ones that indicate that a big is not far in the future.

Small earthquakes of mag. 3 and above may indicate stress is building along a fault.

You can see from this image here that where North American Craton borders there have been an increase in Seismic activity;

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Look through all your USGS sites and you can confirm that where the North American Craton borders seismic activity is on the rise.

Mahala's statement on my ELF/ULF thread;
"I usually don't ask questions, I would rather investigate my own questions, but how does the North American craton affect the New Madrid.. This is bothering me. We had a lot of action the New Madrid, could this be a reaction?"

My Esponse;
"Yes it does. Look at the map I posted of the North American Craton. It seems to border New Madrid Fault."
As a matter of fact it borders the whole of the New Madrid Fault all the way to Maine.

On this map of the globe you can see clearly that Fault lines border the Whole North American Craton;

[link to www.theworldmapsphotos.com]
Thanks for this map IWTB.

It borders Through Mid New Mexico, Mid Colorado, Mid Wyoming, Western Montana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Along the Appalachian Mountains, Through Mid Virgina(right through where 5.8 struck), Mid N.Y State(Where they have been reporting quakes too), into Maine(Where there have been reports of quakes also).
All of which have reported an increase in Earthquake activity. Right up along where the 5.8 hit Virginia. The quake swarms in NY State, Maine and Eastern Canada.

And if you look at this Global incident map you can clearly see the action along the North American Craton;

[link to quakes.globalincidentmap.com]

Mahala's contribution on the subject;

Thank you all for the help. Guess I hadn't looked good enough. Was just going by visuals from many maps I had opened. Interesting article I found from 2005. I think it's a good read and something we may want to keep in the back of our minds..
[link to www.whatdoesitmean.com] June 15, 2005

North American Intraplate Collapsing Heralding New Madrid Fault Zone Cataclysm as Rare Major ‘Triplet’ Earthquakes Occur in the Americas

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

Russian Scientists are reporting today that the rare Earthquake Triplet Events occurring over the last 36 hours in Chile (7.8 Magnitude Event), Alaska (6.9 Magnitude Event) and California (7.2 Magnitude Event), coupled with today’s New Madrid Earthquake (1.6 Magnitude Event), are signaling the breaking apart of the North American Intraplate in the area of the New Madrid Fault Zone.

"I can't emphasize enough that there is a huge uncertainty when it comes to intraplate events," he adds. "For example, we don't know why the earthquakes come in triplets, but it has happened on a regular basis in the past."

"Last June, a submerged sinkhole drained the lake's water supply in about three days, along with its population of aquatic creatures through cracks in the underground limestone bedrock. The water fell through underground caverns to a spring about four miles north of the lake. The sight of a muddy lake basin and its swamp like odor drew befuddled crowds and caught the attention of news media around the world."

How strange it is that these Westerners ignore such dire warnings such as this and instead of preparing themselves they make things like they were before, as if in doing so they will not have to face the consequences of their inactions in the future

Just some snippets... The patterns of earthquakes in this article are very similar to some we are seeing today. It might be something to watch, This may help us keep an eye on areas of possible earthquakes.

Is this possible, could the Craton be compressing or moving away? Never the less it's worth keeping an eye on.
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