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Subject Whats for dinner?? Post your recipes here or come search for one. UPDATED DAILY
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Original Message I thought it would be nice with school starting to put some recipes on here that are either easy to do, quick, one pot, etc.
Post things you like to make and your family likes to eat. Maybe we can get something new and different than the same old stuff.

Put the name of the recipe, difficulty, total time and prep time in your recipes. Also how many it serves.

Plus or minus next to recipe represents someone who tried it and did or did not like it. I will add them as posts come in.

Page 1
Crockpot chicken tacos ++
Rabbit stew with rice n beans
Robust & Tangy ground chicken
Cowboy pork chops +
Beercan chicken

Page 2
Quick n easy veggie Quesidilla
Pork chop with cheesy brocoli rice
Ground beef dinner (you name it)
Potato leek soup
Cheesy rice bake
Crockpot pulled pork

Page 3
Country mushroom soup
Easy ham dinner for 2
Outer space oatmeal
Vegan stir fry
Roasted Ratattouille
Beef Wellington +
Bacon cheeseberger pasta
Whole Chicken
Garden pork chop

Page 4
Homemade dog food
Whole stuffed camel
Chicken n dumplins the lazy way
Baked salmon w/mascarpone cheese and sliced almonds

Page 5
2 quick snacks
Rice and beans
Chicken alfredo sauce over angel hair pasta with ital salad
Amish fried chicken +
Homemade tacos
Bearnaise sauce

Page 6
Muthafuckin chicken n dumplins
Country ribs slow roasted with bbq
deep fried fish w/curry sauce

Page 7
German potato salad
Texas tuscan chicken
King ranch chicken
Pot roast
Irish potatoes
Fried ravioli

Page 8
BBQ sauce
Gourmet hamberger helper beef noodle
Chicken n rice
French stew
Veggie burgers
Cherry tomato chicken
Brownies 1 and 2

Page 9
Creamed spinach
creamy mushroom pasta
Penne Vodka & chicken sausage
Spare ribs

Page 10
Beef stroganoff
Fraters romantic chicken dinner
Coca Cola Chicken
Chicken tortillas

Page 11
2 potatoe recipes
Mexican stirfry from leftovers
Sheppards pie

Page 12
Cheap lunch
Puertorican chicken and rice
Spare ribs and pork fried rice
Potatoes baked in beer
Baked ziti +

Page 13
Beef casserole
Koffee's crock pot chops

Page 14
Legit ramen noodle
Shrimp mousse
Sausage gravy
Italian noodles +
Rosemary and garlic roasted pork tenderloin
Sesame roasted chicken
Most excellent pork chops

Page 15
Macaroni pizza
donut like bisquits
Chicken Kiev
Decadent pumpkin soup
Vegetable beef soup

Page 16
BBQ Pennsylvania Dutch style (sloppy joes)+
Warm Lettuce Pennsylvania Dutch
Black eyed peas
Spaghetti Carbonara
Thanksgiving leftover sheppards pie
Oven baked hot dogs
Pork Chop and gravy +

Page 17
Beefy rice side dish
Haystacks (taco salad)

Page 18
Peanut butter fudge

Page 19
Slop me something on a bun
Buckeyes (peanut butter/choc. candy
Double peanut butter temptations
Layered leftovers
No bake kid cookies
Cracker cheese

Page 20
Grandma Gibsons no fool pie crust
Squash soup
Polish golabki (stuffed cabbage) in mushroom sauce

Page 21
Eggplant,pepper,tomatoe and rice
Shrimp Scampi
Top Ramen
Schredded french dip
Coconut cream bread pudding with chocolate sauce
Unstuffed pepper soup
Old Guards pie crust

Page 22
Meat pie
Quick stir fry
breakfast from leftovers (rice)
Super spicy lil smokies
Bacon with bean soup
Veggie dinner with cornbread

Page 23
Corn bread and honey butter
Split pea soup with ham and langos hungarian bread
Chicken Marsala
Scotch broth (meat gravy)
Rumaki +
Beef stroganoff
Hearty beef barley vegetable soup

Page 24
Cran/raspberry jelly (thanksgiving)++
Orange scented cranberry sauce
potato bread yeast starter
Lorna Doone dessert

Page 25
Crock pot roast
potato yeast starter
sourdough bread
peanut butter cookies
5 cup salad
Dry hot chocolate mix
Creamed tuna on toast

Page 26
Home made chicken noodle soup
Fairy Braid bread
Roasted veggies
Potato pancakes and beans
Stuffed tilapia
corn fritters
apple fritters
white sauce
southern gravy

Page 27

Shepards Pie +
Blueberry Lemon curd filled cupcakes topped with Marscarpone cream topping
Apple and cheddar crepes
Veggie taco
Meatloaf #1
Meatloaf #2

Page 28
bean salad with tortillas
feta brushetta
stuffed jalapenos
cheese and bacon stuffed mushrooms
layered taco salad dip

Turkey butter stuffing
Pecan snicker pie
Baked beans

Page 29
crazy chili
links to other recipe websites

Page 30
link to other recipe website
BBQ-sloppy joe +
Pineapple chicken

Page 31
French Bread
Ham or chicken croquette
artesan bread +
crab cakes or seafood cakes
tuna cakes
Chicken pot pie
Dal- A lentil dish

Page 32
Chapati's (flat bread)
Baked mashed potatoes
Beer can Chicken

Page 33
Chicken soup from leftover chicken
Kolachki's (cookie) sort of like a shortbread cookie
Potato filling
Venison and noodles

Page 34
funnel cakes
5 minute thai chicken
Gringo tacos
Mothers meat loaf

Page 35
Blue Cheese dressing +
Potato soup
Angus Barn chocolate chess pie
potato soup

Page 36
Easy pie crust
Roast chicken
Hearty chicken cacciatori
Italian Bass
Chicken with sundried tomatoes,mushrooms, and artichokes
Spaghetti carbonara

Page 37
Corned Beef
Smoked mini sausage in bbq sauce and grape jelly
Dark/White Chocolate Zebra cheesecake
braised tomahawk shortribs

Page 38
Homemade cheese recipies
Seafood bisque
jalapeno pepper jelly
fried fish

Page 39
Beefy rice
pork chops in tomato gravy
stuffed eggplant
Liver and onions
home made ranch dressing
"mock" buttermilk for above dressing recipies
Basic bread stuffing

Page 40
Indian dish with chicken and leeks

Page 41
Poor mans steak (salsbury steak)
Caramel apple jello shots

Page 42
Grandmas slovac soup
moms meatloaf
pear and walnut salad
Cabbage with baby back ribs
Caramel icing
Hawaiian ribs
Russian salad

Page 43
Jello jam
Butternut squash with ham pasts
Frosted flake tilapia
Pistachio raspberry salmon

Page 44
Vegetable beef soup
Beef stew

Page 45
Cheesey cauliflour
tips for cooking
Brocoli swiss cheese casserole
Spam fried rice
Chicken pot pie with bisquik top

Page 46
Pineapple cake

Page 47
Pepper jelly
Ceasar dressing
Chicken soup
Mushrooms and onions
Zuchini bread

Page 48
Stuffed peppers
Baked mac n Cheese

Page 49
Vegetable fritters
Quicky egg fu yung
Seafood bisque
Angel hair with proscuitto tomato cream sauce
Pancake casserole
Brocoli and mushroom with pasta
Neckbones cabbage and potatoes like grandma made
Beet Borscht
Peppers and Feta
Phillipino Chicken with coconut rice

Page 50
Vegetable soup
Baked beans on toast
Summer Squash Frittata
The maroiles pie
Tomatoe pie

Page 51
Mexican marinated steak or pot roast
Dry seasoned rib eyes
Egg and cheese tortilla
Creamy pesto past
Crock pot sheppards pie *
Mexican rice, beans and taco meat

Page 52
Easy sauce
Bugout chili

Page 53
Asian beef BBQ marinade
Oven baked chili dogs
Crock pot venison

Page 54
Tossed Caprese salad
Chicken and veggie tortillas
Southern snap beans
Strawberry pound cake

Page 55
Home made seasonings
Shrimp and corn chowder
Potatoe pancakes
Christmas morning cinnamon rolls
Bean stuffs

Page 56
Bell pepper relish and chicken in the bag
Reuben quesodilla
Bean stuff
Mongolian beef in slow cooker
Chicken Tamale pie
Shrimp and crawfish quesadilla
Chicken in creamy basil sauce
DVORAK's Tex-Mex Four Bean Chili

Page 57
Out of this world baked Chicken
Chicken tortillas from chicken leftovers
Cream of Mushroom soup

Page 58
Corn Fritters
Apple Fritters
Chicken pot pie
Cube Steak with gravy
Cabbage & Sausage
Slow cooked beef tips

Page 59
Assorted Appetizers
Sweet Dill Pickle recipe
Cold pasta dish
Eggs & Chips
Quiche with leftover Thanksgiving stuff
dip with sourcream base
Home made tartar sauce

Page 60
Home made hamburger helper
Fresh buns from scratch 10 dozen/make and freeze
Quick and Easy buns
Tortilla Soup *
Italian sausage & Peppers

Page 61
Crockpot pot roast
Asparagus parmasean
Oven pancakes
Pasta & Shrimp dinner quick and easy

Recipes start here

total time- 6+ hours
prep time- 10 mins
serves 8

Crockpot chicken tacos
4 chicken breasts
1 jar salsa
1 package shredded cheddar
1 package flour tortilla

Put breasts and salsa in crock pot on low before leaving for work in the morning.

Pull chicken out and shred it with your fork and throw it back in the pot. Stir it in the salsa.
Take tortillas, pile on chicken, top with cheese, roll them up and enjoy. You can add onions or other stuff with the cheese, but my kids dont like onions.
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