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Original Message Please....I am begging all who read this post to please click on the link I have provided, to read what our Lord...our God and Savior is saying to all of us right now!

Everyone on this earth needs to truly search inside themselves right now...to see where they stand with God. If you feel perhaps you are not right with God, you need to turn to Him NOW before it is too late! Confess all of your wrong doings to Him.....there is NO SIN, NOT ONE, too great for Him to forgive!

Ask Him to forgive you.....and ask Him to come into your life and shelter you from what is about to befall the entire planet. If you truly seek Him and His forgiveness....just watch how fast He rushes into your life to save you!

No doom shelter....no silver....no gold....not even stocking up on excess food and water will help save you from what is to come. Turning to Jesus Christ is the one and only way you will be protected and saved. Everything...and I mean EVERYTHING made by man....EVERYTHING built by human hands will collapse and crumble. And those that rely on those made made, material possessions and shelters, will crumble and fall along with them.

The love and protection of The Lord is the ONLY thing that will see you through. He provided EVERY need for the Israelite's for 40 years in the wilderness! And he will do the same with those who turn to Him during the dark times that are coming.

PLEASE! I beg you all! Take the Lord's message at the link below seriously! PLEASE! The sun is setting...and dark times are coming.

May The Lord Bless You All!

*Please go to the link below to read The Lord's message*

[link to DON'T_USE_THIS.com]
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