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Subject Some Practical Magick to Share on the Equinox
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Original Message I thought I would repost this as a new thread to share with you for the Fall Equinox.

It is possible using only a standard moon almanac, the planetary correspondences of the days of the week, a supply of basic color candles, and the time to do a focused intentional mediation to do beneficial white magick.

Internally, the basic practice is essentially the same as guided mediation. When you have something that you want to accomplish in life, or you wish to defeat a bad habit or draw a new energy towards you, find a quite place and sit either cross-legged or in a chair.

First, do a basic breathing and relaxation exercise. Close your eyes, breath deeply into the bottom of your lungs, expanding your stomach, through your nose and out through your mouth by allowing your lungs to empty from the gentle fall of your stomach. Picture a golden ball of energy moving from the base of your body up to the top of your body, everywhere it goes, your body is completely relaxed and cleansed of dis-ease (an expanded version of this is an excellent healing mediation). When it reaches your head, allow yourself a few moments to feel the relaxation in your body and to get in tune with what it's telling you everywhere.

Now, clear your mind as best you can for a few moments. If you wish, you can try to hold a single-point mediation at this point, but that's only for extra centering if you are capable and you feel it necessary. At this point, you want to start to picture the things that you need to do in life to get the desired result you want. Imagine in as vivid detail as you can all the aspects of the things you need to do to get what you Will and you see yourself accomplishing them with the necessary effort and poise, nothing is holding you back at the point of action and you are fully prepared in each moment to take course that will accomplish your objective. Notice the reaction of the people around you taking note of your poise and ability, and their willingness to of their own free will without coercion or force of any kind on your part provide you what you Will to see the end you desire.

Now, of course, what does this have to do with the moon and candles? Well, I started with the hard part, which is also the only really important part, because if you are still reading this, here is where you can get a bit of help from what magicians have known for thousands of years.

Using your own judgement, pick the best phase and house of the moon to do your mediation and also to take your first practical actions on your course to achieve that which you Will. You can also pick a time when the right phase and house of the moon fall on a day of the week which is beneficial to accomplish your aim, when these fall together in synchronization, especially on a Full or New Moon, these are the power days to do spell work. You can choose the color of your candles based on the color correspondence to the planet that rules the day of the week, or to the planet that rules the astrological sign, or both. You can also include white, gray, or blue candles for the moon, I like to do this especially with New Moon magick to give my friend some extra shine. cool2

Pick your time or times, find a spot where you are not going to be bothered, setup your candles safely, light them, and then sit relax and start with the golden ball at your feet and work your way up to what you Will to occur in life. afro

When you start combining this stuff with Tarot cards, herbs, incense blends, stones, potions, and ceremonial magick, that's when stuff gets really interesting, but anything beyond what I have given REALLY needs a divination beforehand to be done safely. The small ritual I have provided here is really white magick, since you are enacting beneficial change upon yourself, there isn't too much chance of anything going wrong, provided you remember not to poison your mind with the desire to control others.

Happy spellwork.
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