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Subject WOW NICE !! Watch amazing footage from Japan shows falling UFO or possibly UARS Satellite
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Original Message [link to www.examiner.com]

On Sunday, September 25, 2011, a witness in Japan posted a new UFO video that shows an amazing sight. An unidentified flying object was recorded as it fell from the sky in Chiba Nagareyama leaving a plume of smoke trailing behind it.

Since NASA believes the "dead" 12,500 pound UARS Satellite that fell from orbit over the weekend likely plummeted into the Pacific Ocean, this new video could conceivably be among the first real footage to surface showing the satellite's descent back to Earth.

According to The Weather Space, some home videos that allege to document the UARS Satellite's fall have already proven to be hoaxes. At least one video purporting to show the satellite actually shows common Chinese lanterns with superimposed trails, according to the site.

Since this more recent video does not make any grandiose claims of actually showing the UARS Satellite, it cannot really be dubbed a hoax. It simply is what it is, a nicely shot video of an unidentified object being pulled toward Earth by the force of gravity.


The uploader himi1111t's Channel posted the following description with the video:

Taken in Chiba Nagareyama.
You will see that crashed into a spiral.
UFO? Satellite?

For a moment, at the beginning of the video, the object actually resembles a triangle shaped UFO with three points of light arranged in the shape of a triangle. The UFO leaves a spiral shaped plume of smoke in its wake.

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Video: Watch amazing footage from Japan shows falling UFO or possibly UARS Satellite

Video: Watch amazing footage from Japan shows falling UFO or possibly UARS Satellite

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