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Subject Obama, Sarkozy, Cameron and Harper are war criminals!
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Original Message The US, Canada, France and the UK are engaging in an illegal war in Libya. They and NATO have openly violated the UN resolutions that were passed to bring an end to the conflict in Libya. NATO is actively supporting the Al Qaeda terrorists in Libya and have installed them as the defacto government. I do think that if the people of Libya wanted Qaddafi out they could and would have gotten rid of him. The problem however is that there were no large scale protests against Qaddafi's government leading up to the conflict. There is however a great deal of evidence that the CIA and other intelligence agencies funded Islamic extremists in order to create the conflict in Libya which sparked the violence. I have mixed feelings about Qaddafi. On one hand he did do a great deal of good for Libya but there is also evidence he did many bad things as well. That however does not justify a war of aggression to be waged against the people of Libya. Since the conflict began there are have been more than 60,000 civilian casualties due to the NATO bombing of Libya.

A war of aggression is a military conflict waged without the justification of self-defense. Waging such a war of aggression is a crime under the customary international law. The governments of the United States, France, Britain and Canada waged and continues to wage such a war of aggression against Libya. As Libya did not attack the United States, France, Britain or Canada the U.S. lead unprovoked armed attacks against Libya are declared war crimes and crimes against humanity. The leaders of the attacking countries, including United States President Barack Hussein Obama, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, are therefore declared war criminals under International Law. A state which carries out or permits slavery, torture, genocide, war of aggression, or crimes against humanity is always violating customary international law. The leader of any state who carries out or permits slavery, torture, genocide, war of aggression, or crimes against humanity is guilty of an indictable offense.

When the United Nations General Assembly unanimously affirmed the Nürnberg principles in 1946, it affirmed the principle of individual accountability for the crimes of carrying out or permitting slavery, torture, genocide, war of aggression, or crimes against humanity. Barack Hussein Obama, Nicolas Sarkozy, David Cameron and Stephen Harper are all guilty, under International Law, of willful planning, preparing and initiating of a war of aggression against Libya. Libya did not attack Canada, the United States or any other foreign state. The Libyan civil unrest was a domestic conflict. The Libyan leaders have only killed foreign paid mercenaries. Mercenaries are not protected by the Geneva Convention. Any leader of any country can kill any and all mercenaries who are actively participating in acts of rebellion, revolt, sabotage, or any other act that seeks to overthrown the government.

Full Article detailing exactly why I say this: [link to djosiris.blogspot.com]

Edit: Now this is only a starting ground. Once these criminals who are currently occupying our governments are made to account for their crimes WE the CITIZENS of EARTH can proceed unhindered to bring the rest of the international criminals to justice. I am speaking of all currently living former heads of state, military and government officials in addition to those individuals who have been allowed to continue to perpetuate crimes against humanity. This includes drug lords, mass murderers, pedophiles and anyone else who has violated the universal laws which protect humanity from cruel and unusual treatment.

If you have more to add, please do so!
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