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Subject In Recognition of the Quiet Death of American Democracy
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Original Message I think it is fair to say as a premise that the GOP field is sorely lacking in both electable and qualified candidates for the Presidency. Furthermore, the general consensus amongst the thinking left and the libertarian right, which is to say, the quality members of the Electorate, the engagement of which our fate as a nation so depends, is that our recent administrations have set the nation on a course that demands immediate corrective action lest our fortunes fall upon the rocks of ill fate.

With these truths being taken as self-evident, what great activity do we find amongst the opposition to comb the rank and file of the American leadership elite in industry, business, science, philosophy, and art to find any man or woman of capable intellect and suitable character for such a position as the Presidency?


And it is in this last boldfaced statement, that we can with some great regret mark the passing of the vibrant era of the democratic process of the United States of America and officially declare ourselves to be in the grip of the machinations of the selectors, breeders, and controllers of the Mediocre Men of Double Influence, an apt term I believe to describe 99.99% of the persons whom the media would gift with the term "politically experienced" as a spoken yet subconscious gifting of the quality of "electability".

What if, supposing a hypothetical for a moment, some great benefactor of society in true philanthropic spirit were to collect the resources and initiate and see to fruition a process of pure selection, in which the great minds and personages were called from every corner of American life to demonstrate their fitness and qualities to be POTUS, perhaps even with their own reluctance! Let us further suppose that such a caucus was established amongst this group of potential candidates in which the MOST qualified amongst them was chosen to represent the party in the general election.

What would be the outcome of such a praiseworthy and I propose now necessary process? I advance that it would be to have such a candidate labeled as "politically inexperienced", thus associating with him the dangerous stigma of incapacity for such a great position. Well, this whole very logic goes against the Will of the Founding Fathers to HAVE NO POLITICAL CLASS.

And it is with these simple observations, in light of a premise and admittedly probing understanding of the situation, that I write this short essay in recognition of the Quiet Death of American Democracy.

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