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Original Message TOM HENEGHEN SAYS

Tom Flocco is reporting this morning that members of the Mossad (Israeli Intelligence) attempted to blow up a subway in New York City. The attempt was thwarted by "members of the American-French Alliance" before any harm could be done. The information comes via intelligence expert Tom Heneghen, who was also one of Flocco´s sources in his story about the pending Bush-Cheney indictments.

Four Israeli´s were killed and five more captured, and although CNN had all this information it did not report it, either by self-censorship or orders from elsewhere.

If this story is true, and if the truth is ever reported, it will blow a big hole in the phoney "war on terrorism" and may also open the way for investigation into Mossad involvement and/or masterminding of the 911 attacks.

All this is happening against the background of the final disintegration of the criminal Bush administration as Karl Rove (according to Heneghen) turns stool pidgeon in the Fitzgerald grand jury and implicates other members of the White House.

October is turning out to be one more "October surprise" after another. I suggest we all buckle up and get ready for a big ride, because it appears that big history is about to go down. Obvious weather wars are going on, possible biowar seems to be afoot, spies all over the place including Dick Cheney´s office, the highest officials about to be charged with high crimes and misdemeanors, the president arguing for martial law at the slightest hint of disaster, and an economy which teeters on the edge of collapse.

Here is the astounding story being reported by Tom Flocco:
[link to www.tomflocco.com]

CIA, French intelligence kill 4, capture 5 Israelis in NY subway attack

U.S. media and NY officials called the incident a "significant threat"

by Tom Flocco

New York City-October 6, 2005-TomFlocco.com-Earlier this evening intelligence members of the American-French Alliance stopped an attempt by Israeli Mossad operatives to blow up the New York City subway, according to national security and U.S. intelligence expert Thomas Heneghen.

The federal whistleblower said four Israelis were killed in the altercation and five more were captured just minutes after virtually all U.S. cable news channels, network TV outlets and New York Mayor Richard Bloomberg were reporting their own version of the incident, adding that New York City was "facing a significant threat" in the city´s subway.

Read more at link.
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