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Subject Official GLP Lingo Thread - new Users click here!!
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In accordance with industry accepted best practices we ask that users limit their copy / paste of copyrighted material to the relevant portions of the article you wish to discuss and no more than 50% of the source material, provide a link back to the original article and provide your original comments / criticism in your post with the article.
Original Message I have noticed overtime that new people almost lose their minds when the see us use the word Moran etc.

So this thread is to help new comers’ with the GLP lingo, Please post your GLP acronym/saying/word substitute here to help our new fellow members, I will update the OP(see below)with new lingo.

Karma for new funny additions :)

Heres some to start: (in alphatard order)

11:11 = Constantly see this number on clocks- a call to arms for Lightworkers.
2012 = International Jubilee Year for Doomtards
3:33 = many on GLP have woken up for several mornings in a row at exactly this time or constantly see it on clocks.

A1 Steak Sauce = Bizarre link to the male testes. Sometimes omitting a similar odor.
AC = Annonomous Coward - Someone who posts without signing in.
All your bases are belong to us = The chinese are coming!
ALERT!!! = Thread title prefix for when thread title lacks excitment or substance
And so it Begins = Great response the the start of something that could end up being DOOM!
Anomoly (ie sea, earth, sky, radiation) = An MSM (see below) excuse for not knowing what the fuck happened
AssHat = Someone who has their head up their ass
Ass Clown = Someone who is an ass and always clowning around.
Ask me a question = I'm bored
AstroTard = Interested in planets and the Zodiac and Astrotheology
Awning of Doom = [link to crazymother.tv]

Bane = Ban
Batshit crazy = (a) a complete nut (b) see Zetatard
Brian = Brain (see PictoGram moran)
BREAKING!! = Breaking news (Disclaimer: may only be breaking news to the OP)
Bring In the Tomato Plants = It references what you do when the weather dips toward freezing (Tomatos can also be a subtitute for Weed)
Bug Out Bag = stuff you'll need while getting out of dodge.

Calibrating Your Consciousness = Getting high on tomatos
Carshing = Market is Crashing
CERN = Illuminati funded project which purpose is creating black holes to destroy earth.
Contrails = airplane exhaust condensation trail
Chemtrails=airplanes spraying chemicals
Cool Story Bro = Don't beleive you
CME = Coronal Mass Ejection - Not to be confused with a Solar Flare - CME's can cause EMP
Coronal Hole = If you see one of these, it is sometimes followed by a Solar flare or CME
Controlled Demolition = One of the theories for how the twin Towers came down
Crop Circles = Alien or Drunk human circles in high grass, or wheat most of the time in England.

Debunk = to prove an idea or theory wrong, usually with a motive
Debunkers = people who attempt prove a topic wrong by posting fact, often with nefarios intent. (also see Shill)
Did You Uncle Tell You = Don't beleive you
DOOM = The reason you are here
DOOM OFF = Doom has been Debunked(see above)
DOOM ON = Previously Debunked, but new evidence has been aquired that needs to be Debunked
Dunbass, Dunbass = Dumbass typos

EMP = Electro magnetic pulse (falls under SunDoom and NukeDoom)
EPIC FAIL = your thread is better suited for Facebook

FAIL = your thread is shit
False Flag = Govt creating a disaster, or emergency to bring about change or to blame it on another group.
Fear Monger = Someone who intentionally posts doom, true, untrue, or imagined, to make people afraid.
Finthispit = see PIN
FOS = Full of Shit
Fema Camps = Govt camps to be set up after The Shit hits the fan.
FreeMason or Mason = Secret Society
FUBAR = Military Anagram - Fucked up Beyond All Recognition
Fucktard = we all know them, idiot..., Troll, AC

Global Warming = Accepted for the most part on GLP as BS.
GLP effect = a reference to the fact that all things predicted on GLP eventually FAIL and/or EPIC FAIL!
GLPE = GLP Elite
GLPVC = Godlike Productions Voice Chat
God told me = Must be true because you cant disprove God to christtards
Grammar Police = Someone who corrects everyone's Grammar including MORAN.

I heard it from my Uncle = I'm Full of Shit
Illuminati = Secret group that controls everything in the world, from natural events, to Finance.
Imminent = Happining any minute
Imminent Doom = slight possibility of Doom

Jupiter ignition = Theory that Jupiter's atmosphere will ignite in a ball of flame.

Karma = Virtual currency on GLP. Can be spent to boost ego.
Karmapin = a pin for those who can't get one otherwise, so must resort to the purchase of said pin. see, karma.
KoolAid = The drink served to brainwash someone.

Lens flare = Any thing in a Photo that is un-explained
Lightworker = Someone who was sent to make the world a better place. the Good, the White"
Link or BS = Link to proof or your full of shit

Maussan = Mexican UFO merchant
MBTG = Mystery Babylon the Great
MEGA = Prefix to give thread title more impact (eg: Mega Quake)
Moran = Moron
MSM = Main Stream Media
Muzzie = (Deragatory term for a Muslim)

NASA = National Aeronautics Shill Agency or Never A Straight Answer
NWO = New World Order

OP = Original Poster or The first post of the thread
OWS = Occupy Wall Street
spam = Cryptic posting GLP user

Panic Sex = Doom is Imminent(not to be confused with Imminent Doom) have sex before you die
Pics or it didn't happen = Need Photo evidence of your story
PIN = Pin the thread to the first page for 24 hours for everyone to see cause it's likeable/ interesting/ bullshit/ funny/ important/ DOOOOOOOOM!!!! :)
Pollshift = Magnetic - not so bad - Physical - 300 MPH winds, Extinction Level Event.
POS = piece of Shit
Potus = President of the United States

Roasted Tomato Salad = Smokin Weed

Sucha fail = referring to socha faal = fearmonger
Shill = anyone who disagrees with your wacky Idea, someone who is being paid or set-up to deliberately mislead people
SHRILL = How TypoTards spell Shill
Shin this pit = Pin(see PIN)
SHTF = Shit hitting the fan
Stan worshiper = Satan worshiper
STFU = Shut The Fuck Up
Stumble-tards = People that recently starting stumbling more than usual, Evidence seems to suggest gravity changes
Super-duper = When somthing is above Super
Super Pin = The Fancey Pin That Pins Shit Above Pins
SPTSTAUWATPTABHATFI = Super Pin This Shit To An Uncle Wearing A Tomato Plant T-Shirt And Bring His Ass The Fuck In
Swampgas = nothing to see here move along

Tard = suffix of your doom passion (see list below)
TERRAL03 = Tard of all tards (above)
TEOTWAWKI = The End Of The World As We Know It
Thread Hijacker = moving WAY off topic from original point
Texantard = A poster that feels the need to mention Texas in every third post, they may have even incorporated Texas in their username. They repeatedly insist that their (_________)* is bigger and better than yours. And, although colorful and sometimes witty, they often substitute insults and vulgarity in the place of meaningful discussion, links, or facts. *insert anything
Titor = Time traveller extraorinaire
TOTUS = The Teleprompter of the United States Of America. The true voice of Obama.
TPTB = the powers THAT be
TROLL = Someone who talks shit just to talk shit! No real clue about anything! Someone "Trolling" for information, Data gatherer.
TSB = Typical Shill Behaviour

Uncle = Imaginary person which has the latest Doom news from reliable source.
U Mad Bro, = Making someone even madder by using this phrase.
URGENT = Doom is so Imminent there is only enough time to post a GLP thread

Watch for falling telephone poles = Earthquake could happen
WhatsThatSoundTards = The "Just heard boom in the sky now" people

Your mother never had you = I think you are an idiot....

Zionism = the national movement for the return of the Jewish people to their homeland or a movement to control the world.
Zero = Some cray thread on GLP abou a year ago involving Demons, another dimention and a statue of a wolf in a shopping mall in Ameriaca (don't Ask)
Zombietard = Lover of the zombie doom senario

Tard List
SunTard = Solar Doom Lover
MarketTard = Market Doom Lover
Elenintard = Comet Elenin Lover
Nibirutard = Nibiru/Planet-X Lover
Christtard = crazy christian
Tardtard = Someone who gets upset by being labeled one of these
TypoTard = Someone how points out a spelling mistake and acts like it debunks your theroy
Doomtard = General Doom Lover
Fukutard = Meltdown Lover
Moontard = Moon Doom Lover
Olaftard = Someone who understands spam
Threadtards = Loving a Thread more than life itself
QuakeTard = Earthquake Doomer Lover
Mathtard = Loves Math, usally post shit like: (6/3(1+32+4+3+5+6)(4+2-7/(5+9)/(0-0)+0-2/1) = 9
Numbertards = When any random equation fits a doom date, eg: 1+19 + 3x3 = 2012
Atheisttard = Finds the story of the magical man in the sky a little bit fucked up
Jupitard = one who believe's in Jupiter Ignition event.
Occupytards = OWS Lovers (See OWS)
Chemtard = Chemtrail watchers(See Chemtarils)
Contards = people who believe Chemtrails ate Contrails (see both Above)
PinTards = A GLP'er who's sole purpose in life is to get that pin. pin me,pin me!
Heirrotards = El Heirro tsunami Doom wachers
Zetatard = see batshit crazy
Paultard = Ron Paul Lover
DreamTard = Dreaming of DOOM events and post next morning on GLP
Tunneltards = The ones that are sure the US is covered by thousands of miles of underground tunnels. Linking what?That is secret
Worrytard = needs valium...
Racetards = People who imediatly point to a hate crime when more than one race is involved, Thread title includes "Guess the race" etc
Pleaseunbanemetards = People who beg to be unbaned(see Bane)
Debristard = People who think the comet Elenin debris alignment will cause doom.
Rometards = People that thing smashing and burning their country will help the economy
Tepcotards = people that think that doom is not apparent at fukushima
Protestard = Protesting cause you friends girlfiend is..
HAARPtards = all EQ's are caused by HAARP, dispite refuting evidence of EQ's Befor HAARP was built
Ranttard = someone constantly on-off topic..... or a shill.. or totally out there..... constantly..... lol
Denialtard = no radiation .....
Generaltard = Generally Loves Doom
Questiontard = "i am (such and such) ask me a question....."
Jobtards = People who complain that they can't find a job with their BA in protest studies
Magmatards = General volcano doom lover..
SnowCleaningtards = new age crap..
Auroratards = Lovers of high latitude aurora's
Spectatortards = those with half a head with five cents into the conversation with nothing really obvious to add... love it....
GLPtards = People that think disrespecting GLP and the Mods is acceptable(fuckers)
RandomPosttards = someone who post absolute randomness
Clocktards = People that claim to see 11:11 everytime they look at a clock, 3:33 is also common
Horsetard = I assume people that like horses
Nobodytards = Some bullshit anout the "Nobody" that is supposed to be somebody

1. bsflag = Bullshit
2. bump = Keep thread alive on first page
3. putin = OMG your retarded
4. stfu = (see STFU)
5. antibs = used when you call BS before researcing the fact it was real
6. :moran: = Moran

Thanks to all the Lingotards for the Help (especially <<FOCUS HARDER>>) :)
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