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Subject Please vent your HATE out on me. I can take it.
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Original Message but many others can not !

So here is the deal on the table. I am offerring unlimited use of my absorbtion techniques.

It helps others so if you want then i'm here for you.

Okay so.

You life sucks right? For the most part? You are not a complainer like those other people. This is your curse that you have inflicted on yourselves.

What happens is you build up a wall built from the things that you burried throughout your life.

The Human sensory system can only store a preditermined amount of data.

What has become a natural reflex for mostly everyone if not all is instead of voicing their unhappiness they keep it to themselves. This produces anger and other energies that the body is trained to dispose of.

It creates weight on the soul.

Im making no sense right?

Well here is where it gets really crazy.

Just like that person cut you off and you let it roll of your shoulder, that cop decided to give you a ticket for 2 miles over the speed limit, how your boss treated you with no respect, how the world seems to be against you instead of assisting you.

This builds and builds from all events that are similar to these style events. This goes from the smallest annoying events to the biggest devestating events.

Sure some of you have great friends and relationships where you can vent out that frustration knowing that they will forgive you.

Sadly it has become obvious that no one is venting out nearly enough. This has made it so that negative energy has been building up so much that its leaking out of you.

The problem is that when it leaks out of you it makes you say, do, and feel those emotions again.

This is why you lash out. This is why you judge everything you see. This is why you feel betrayed.

If you dont feel betrayed yet than one day you will or one day long in the past you already did but forgot or burried it.

This is the deal plain and simple.

#1) Live your life
#2) Have a rough day?
#3) Come to me
#4) Rip into me as if I was the one who pissed you off in the first place.
#5) Rip into me like you never ripped before...lol
#6) Get it all out until you actually feel like you have been drained.
#7) say thank you.

Notice: This if done will accomplsih something amazing for each of you individually.

Because you have been getting out that negative energy that you were storing your world will seem to look lighter. It will feel happier. Luck will return to you.

If you control who you release this negativity on you will show concern for the others that got might be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Honestly it will make so that your whole personality can go back to when it was young. When everything wasnt so serious and heavy. You are carrying a lot of baggage at the moment.

Come on give it to me so you can be nice to others. Thats the deal....If you unleash on me you must agree to make an effort to avvoid releasing it on other. If you feel that over pour and negative vibe hit you again come running to me and I will respond.

I'll give you some motivation...You guys seem to get a rise out of these so let me spark it up again.

[link to www.youtube.com]

Father knows best.
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