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Subject Why Channel Aliens? Is it Real or Fantasy?
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Original Message Why Channel Aliens? Is it Real or Fantasy?

Even though you can't prove the reality of the communication and in fact it may be nothing more than a figment of your imagination - a fantasy?

A few weeks ago I posted several channeled communications I received {or dreamed-up if you don't believe in channeled messages under titles such as: "We Are Aliens and Have an Agenda"}. Of course, like you might expect I received much skepticism and some unfriendly comments. And of course a few said prove the messages are in fact channeled from an alien race or world. I can't. Being a subjective experience I can only say that the messages sound different to me than I sound to me. And the skeptic can say delusion or fantasy. And of course if I can't prove otherwise; it may be delusion or fantasy; So why do it?

1. I believe that to a large extent reality is part of our imagination - If we block out all imagination our reality becomes very grey and bleak.

2. I believe advanced extraterrestrial intelligence exists and in order to one day make contact we should keep hypothesizing what this intelligence might be and what it may want to say to us humans.

3. SETI {search for extraterrestrial intelligence} keeps up a bunch of radio-telescopes in hope of one day receiving a message from an alien ET race. Is it not possible that actual ET contact will not come through physical radio communication but will in fact come from telepathic type communication?; And that if this is the case should we not leave our psyches {minds} open for this contact even though that contact can be delusional, risky and dangerous?

4. Ultimately faith that advanced intelligence will be good and man will use it to better himself and humanity.

-Alien Commander Omd I {human/alien channel}

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