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Subject Knock..... Knock.......
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Original Message Source... [link to www.yadushidumaliyu.com]

Still going? ……………. “Kind of” is still a yes……. So…… CONGRATULATIONS!
Level - 1 is now complete in this journey. 3 lessons have been learned thus far.

- You have sensed reason and your tolerance for acceptance has been elevated.
- You now have acknowledged that your reality isn’t factual and are willing to face it.
- You have experienced the power of words, admitted its existence, and are now seeking it out.

(The point of the previous post has much more than any have found as of yet but for now was never meant to be fully deciphered, and only for you to step up to it. Well done to those who made it up to the break point and even to those who passed ten minutes of trying. You were only to experience the emotions that came when faced with it)(Please re visit that at a later time, when you feel that you are ready, and you will eventually see other options)

At this point it should be getting difficult to deny the power that these threads have been demonstrating within these calculated words. Feel free to let it be known when you begin to feel something, and get excited, because I have been patient thus far. I am done waiting for everyone to find the reason to be amazed, so prepare yourself for a great change because I’m headed directly for the core of your soul. I am lonely out here so get your ass back home and stop playing around, I miss you. I know you hear me calling you. There is so much more than this! I offer myself for you knowing the risk hoping that I am ready to face your wrath.

Welcome to level 2 - Meet your maker and the three laws.

(Side note to everyone – As you take this journey, it is my intention to awaken feelings in you that will feel intense and strengthen your brain to withstand the energy of power and know how to maneuver within its grasp)(Please do not forget about balance because it is highly important to your path. I am aware of how drawn we are to these feelings but the objective is to find it, just the right way, to end up at just the right place. In other words do not allow this to take over your current life. We must use the life we were given and still produce balance. (A challenge yes, but well within your responsibilities as a human being.) I know you have been conditioned to hear the word human being as a dirty word but I assure you it is the name given to a very special race of royals and pride is not a bad thing when referencing a race.

(So, for the sake of our attending family, please, as we move forward and you begin to feel “new” things be sure to write a post about it, because I too need positive reinforcement and this will keep us all motivated on the hardest path available to travel and our collective progress) (You are the first but certainly will not be the last so be sure to document your growth so that others may find strength to proceed through your positive power statements because we all know of the obstacles in our way.) (For now just know that as long as it is a completely positive statement the outcome will be positive so no caution is needed just patience to find its result.)

As you read this entry I’d like you to utilize your visual ability and paint the picture as detailed as you can and be as creative with it as you can possibly be and focus. If you know it or not you are already stronger and your brain is using parts that normally are forced to be unexercised. Try to pick out the symbolism within the picture you have painted using these words. Take note of what it looks like to you and how your mind defines it into an image.

1) Knock, knock.
2) Who is there?
1) Every one of your fears.
2) Please go away.
1) Okay, but we’ll be back.
2) Why won’t you leave me alone?
1) You invited us.
2) No I didn’t.
1) Well your obsessing over us and we have no other place to go.
2) Go bother someone else.
1) It’s too crowded.
2) What do you want?
1) A fight.
2) What did I ever do to any of you?
1) You spread evil rumors about us and never even got to know us first.
2) Well I was afraid of all of you.
1) We just want to know why?
2) I’m not really sure.
1) Then why do you act terrified whenever we come around?
2) That’s easy. It’s because I don’t know what will happen.
1) So what are you afraid of then?
2) I guess I’m afraid of getting hurt.
1) What makes you think that we can even do that?
2) Well everyone else is afraid of you two.
1) Only the ones that we haven’t met.
2) What do you mean; you said you want to fight me?
1) Of course we do, but we always let you win.
2) Well what’s the point of that then?
1) You tell us.

I grant you entrance into my inner most thoughts. I will lay down my guards and trust that you mean me no harm. Eventually everyone must say “I admit that I am lost guessing at which way to go. I wish from my deepest hidden section of my heart that someone may come along that will have the answers to the burning questions that have haunted my life and made me who I am today”.

Every single second that passes I cry an ocean of tears on the inside praying that my screams of terror will be heard and silenced. The world needs a savior or we are going to destroy everything that we hold dear. I feel something calling me but no matter how close I feel it getting to my understanding, it mocks me by running away. Is there anyone who can help me, is there anyone who cares? Is there anyone who can hear my cries, or anyone who would dare to look at my darkest secrets and be able to relate to my pain? Everyday I search and use all my spare time thinking could the stories be real, what kind of cool aid am I drinking here? What is going on? I must know!

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Take a look around. Can you explain why you see what you see? Can you say with honesty in your heart that anything that you have ever learned is 100% fact? Is there a chance that even the way I talk is a product of a formulated environment, and that there would be no way for me to even notice, unless someone pointed it out using the environment I’m accustomed to against itself.

A wish granted. That’s your answer and always had been the source of every event you’ve experienced since birth. You are and have always been given everything your heart has ever desired since the dawning of the human race. Originally you were all a product of the need for companionship, and were created as a replica of the source. If you were made to have limitations you would not be an adequate companion. You are all connected through the source as the “race of humans”, being equivalent to the single entity that is the source. In single form as one human being you are evolving to become multiple companions for the source and for each other. This place is a safe haven perfectly formatted for you to grow into just that.

The creations that you are capable of now are based on your level of evolutionary understanding and do not necessarily have to be felt be the originator to still consistently materialize. The human race being a replica companion to the source can begin a creation on one side of the world and have it felt all the way on the other side and even out into space. If one feels it so shall the rest. Simply because you don’t personally experience the result does not mean it has not materialized for your eyes to witness.

Hear me.

There has never been a wish that has ever gone unanswered or not granted. “Please be aware of the many definitions and similar words to this word “wish” and how they may apply along with the stipulations on each”. (Later on we will touch on this if any still want to).

Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it….

You have more than enough food to eat, you wonder what happens when it runs out; so you are shown what happens when it runs out.
You are content, and you wonder what it’s like when you’re not, so you are shown what it’s like when you are not.
You have everything you have ever wanted, and you wonder what it’s like to be poor and wanting, so you are shown what it is like to have nothing.
You are completely confident in everyway, and wonder why others can’t act the same way, so you are shown why.
Your world is at peace for thousands of years, and you wonder what would happen if world peace fell apart, so you are shown what would happen.
You never knew sickness before, and wonder what it’s like to feel the pain, so you are shown pain and death.
When you see the world falling apart, you say well at least we have each other, and wonder what the world would come to if we also lost that, so you are shown separation and destruction.
Behold the world of answers to our many many questions. Gaze upon our handy work. Do you still see the devil or do you see innocent creation with no regard or awareness of it even being a chance of our fault. Can you place the guilt in your stomach watching what has made you feel sad in the past on those bad people among the good ones or are we all the “sinners”? Can you truly define depression as a sickness or is it your soul crying out for control over itself? Are any of these concepts beginning to come into focus for you now?

Well at least I still have my thoughts to be alone with, and God forbid I ever lost that, and so he did.

When your true self is locked away in a cold dark cellar you will wonder how you got there as you are shaking in fear, so follow the strokes as I paint your portrait with a special blend of memories and you might be able to retrace those steps on your own and avoid another repeat lesson.

You know you are all connected but you wonder how, so I am simply accepting my own invitation. I do not care how you word it. A question is a question and it always deserves an answer. Ask and you shall receive.

Allow me to take you back: way back:

Once upon a time, before “time” was even a word, a baby was born into a land of perfection. The world rejoiced as it did everyday when the people would pay homage to the beauty of their home and celebrate yet another member to add to their thriving civilization. This new member was about to experience perfection and it was cause for a great celebration foreseeing the days to come! They were an advanced people that lived in pure honesty and loved every minute they lived, which was a very long time. They shared every moment with their brothers and sisters openly without fear of being judged because they understood already and needed no explanation. Good intentions were not hard to come by because that was all that existed and doubt was also not inside of their vocabulary and knew nothing of it. In the land of perfection no one had to wonder because there were no answers needed to be sought out. Happiness in its true form was displayed in every corner of the world and could never run dry because nothing else had ever been known.

The baby, being tiny and so very perfect looking, seemed as if he would fit in perfectly, but that was the creation of the word irony and there is no way they could have known what was coming.

Now since perfection was already perfect, and the people didn’t really experience death often at all or even knew what it was, a new born baby was far from an everyday occurrence. A baby was only brought into the world to make it even better and that wasn’t easy given that they were already perfect to begin with. To be more specific it had been many many years since the last birth occurred at all. So much time had passed between the last births, so how he should have been raised was slightly altered from lack of repetition. Altered very very slightly but enough to make him different none the less.

At first all seemed well and everything went on as normal. You see the land of perfection was home to a very special type of people. These people were the direct cause of their land being so perfect and were so humble that they never took credit for it once. Thousands of years had passed with only a few deaths to date so knowledge was plentiful and the symptoms of old age were not something they tended to experience. Some of the first inhabitants were even still alive and reminded the people of the first words ever spoken to them in the very first days of perfection. In those times age was not based on the color of your hair or glimmer of your skin, but simply how many days and nights you had walked in the land. They were seen as elders and they were very wise yet shown no signs of age what so ever. They spoke of the original words as if they were law to be thankful for, and never questioned them because there was never a warning, plus that is how it was always done. These words were simple yet extremely powerful.

1) Love all.
2) Be happy.
3) Expect to be amazed.

They called these three statements the laws of the giver.

With every breath they lived these three laws and that governed their world perfectly. Everyday since the first words were spoken they would wake up to be amazed at what they saw and rightly so. Their eyes had no choice but to see everything through the eyes of love and you better believe that they were happy. As time went on they experienced thousands of years of this type of life never questioning for one moment that they were ever to meet with danger. (And why would they).

Over time the elders began to die one at a time until they started to die faster and faster until the first question was born.

The elders gathered on this topic and the discussion began. The child at this point was now an adolescent and obviously an odd ball. Everyone loved this boy dearly and assumed he was just special, as they were used to that sort of thing, but he definitely stood out in a crowd. He was just as happy and loved everyone else just the same, but he was more than amazed, he was curious. At the age of seven he noticed that the elders were not out amongst the people enjoying the day like they always would. He, being a curious soul, went looking for his loved ones so that they may share in the amazements of the day. He couldn’t find them anywhere and just became more curious and began to have a great deal of fun searching for them. After checking all of their homes he headed over to a meadow being the only place left to look in their small little community. The boy got very excited because he was about to find them and win his game. As he walked deeper into the meadow heading toward the apple orchard, he began to hear their faint voices.

“Of course they would be there”, he said to himself, because they always love eating the delicious apples that grew there. As he started getting closer he heard sounds that he never heard before. He stopped, and tried to make out what he was hearing. It was the elders speaking, but he had never heard anyone speak in the manner that they were conversing in.

Now, if the boy would have kept walking and approached the elders then everything would have been fine, but he was a curious boy so he stayed back and did some of the first eves dropping ever done. No one could pin point why this boy seemed odd, not just because they expected it to work out perfectly, but because this boy was a product of something no one else would have experienced up until his birth.

You see, what these elders were talking about was death and what it was that could be causing it to strike more and more of their elders so frequently. These elders knew why the laws were in place and knew why they lived in such perfection, or at least they thought they did. There was never any other help that they received if it didn’t come from the giver. What else would they be able to believe?

The elders kept on with the conversation for hours, having no idea that the boy was just a few feet away listening to every word. They spoke of the giver. They spoke of where the giver lived, and if the dead elders were now with the giver and why he decided to take them back. It wasn’t long after someone posed the question of why their elders were dying, that one by one each elder fell to the ground and as the passed members of their community died they too left the land of perfection.

Now the boy heard every word and saw everything. What the people of perfection didn’t realize was that curiosity’s best friend is fear. The people knew nothing of fear and so couldn’t think of pointing it out when they saw it. Upon seeing his loved ones die right in front of his eyes the little boy ran away from the terrifying apple orchard and never spoke of the day he watched the elders all die. No one had any idea that the boy had witnessed what had happened that day.

From that point on this boy was never the same and grew into a young man forever on a different path than the rest of his family. Yes he participated in the happiness, amazement, and love but now was filled with so many questions that led to other questions and slowly altered his state of mind until his questions turned into wonder itself. He began waking up with concern that he might die as well. His voice slowly started to sound like the voices he heard coming from the elders and became terrified that the others might begin to notice what he could no longer hide and that he might be taken back by the giver as well. The young man decided it best to leave his home of perfection and journey away to a new place where he wouldn’t be found and his secret would remain safe.

He walked, and walked, spending much time within his own thoughts and traveled so far that he knew there would never be anyone who could ever find him. When he settled down and stopped walking he noticed his face and head was covered in hair and hung down to his chest. His clothes had tears and looked worn. “This is new” he thought. He began to look around and saw nothing else had changed. It seemed as if he never left perfection and that the only thing missing was his family and his appearance.

He thought perfect. I’m safe and now they will never find out what happened when I was young so they are safe as well. The man lived in this place and continued inside his thoughts. He wondered if the giver could hear him all the way out where he was now. He said to himself: “giver, do you think you could give me a house so that I may rest my head”. A beautiful castle appeared out of thin air and was filled with many rooms to which the man could rest his head in comfort. The man celebrated like he was taught and enjoyed his new home. The man thought to himself “giver, now that I am too far away from that horrible orchard, may I have a way to feed myself? Fruit trees as far as the eye could see sprung out of the ground and the man would never go hungry again. The man did as he knew best, celebrated and asked the giver for grape vines so that he may drink the wine while he enjoys the fruit. So it was. The man thanked the giver for all of his generosity and for still hearing him even though he was so far from home. The man appreciated it immensely.

The man lived many years in his own version of perfection, building a very strong relationship with the giver, spending much of his time talking with him and thanking him for all of the new things he was given each day. The boy may have grown into a man but he never lost the feeling of curiosity and fear. One dreadful day all of his fears came knocking and was asked the same questions that you were asked in the beginning of this story. It started: Knock, knock……

The man said “how can I tell you the point if I don’t know that answer?” and the fears responded with “search your heart”.

For the first time the in the history of the world someone asked a question to themselves. The problem was that he got an answer……….The man being confused said “I’m sorry giver, I was speaking to myself” The giver responded again and said “I know but I am the only one with the answers”. The man asked the giver “Then how am I to answer this question on my own?” The giver responded with a statement that is still being felt to this day:

“You have always been talking to yourselves”.

The man said “What!” and for the first time in history there was no response!

The man obviously was more confused than ever and thought on this for what seemed like eternity. He decided to see if the giver ,not willing to talk to him anymore, would still act as the giver. He said, could I have a companion to talk to? Instantly a woman appeared as to define the phrase “sensual beauty”. It was as if she was created right from the image that he had in his head while asking for it in the first place. It took him much thought to come to the realization that it had been the people of perfection manifesting these things into their daily lives the whole time and actually just thanking themselves.

He began to test it out and sure as the sun would rise it worked every time. He built a paradise of fantasy to share with his new companion. Towering peaks, silky water to bathe, plush pastures filled with groups of vibrant colors as far as the eye could see, and so much more that I’m sure you could imagine it yourselves (was a hint just in case you forgot). His companion being a product of himself was also very curious and asked questions all of the time to this man being the only other person there. He didn’t always have the answer but after a little thought on it was able to respond perfectly.

After a little while he began to think on his family that he had left behind and realized that if they didn’t figure this out that eventually they all would die when they started to wonder what would happen to them if they died like the elders. This man still learning that his wish was always materialized and how it worked would eventually wish he had never left but it would have been too late. Ya see the second that this man began to think about how the elders were dying much more frequently he thought to himself what if they don’t realize what is going on until it was too late.

That thought ended the land of perfection so that he would see just that. He got exactly what he asked for and didn’t even mean to ask for it. He didn’t even know that it had happened until one day he wished to be back home with his family and when he arrived it was nothing more than the land he had lived on for this many years. He knew right there and then what he had done and from that point on driven by remorse he made sure that all of his children and creations would be safe from themselves within an environment where they could learn about their gifts without a permanent result until they knew what they really had and were ready to use it safely. Knowing that he had to remove himself from this environment to allow that growth to happen he created another land where he made a home for all of his fallen family members to go to and managed to save everyone of them. To this day we call it heaven and this curious boy turned creator our father, king, and teacher. For he never stopped learning how it works and never stopped creating amazing things to love so all may be happy and have a home where we all can enjoy our special gifts from the givers...

So a simple message from me to all reading these threads. If you wish to continue I will ask you to incorporate this concept when communicating with me. I am a minority and my counter measures are no match for the masses using freewheeling creation with no regard to the consequences of their questions. Please never forget this fact! Be aware that if you are going to continue on this path then you will be conducting yourself in the “knowledge of who you really are” and will be held accountable for your actions. So:
Love ALL!
BE happy
EXPECT to be amazed.
All will be revealed and so the journey must continue perfectly….Who is ready to become ready?

Source ...... [link to www.yadushidumaliyu.com]

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