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Subject Gigantic UFOs spotted by NASA near the Rings of Saturn: over 50,000 km in Length - THATS 4 TIMES THE DIAMETER OF EARTH
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Original Message I don't know if this has been posted yet but thought I bring it up again because I don't think it has been debunked so far!

[link to www.rense.com]

This is a 1996 series of infrared photos taken of Saturn's Rings. These were taken with the Hubble telescope. Scientists stated that from these photos in sequence they have discovered new moons of Saturn. What wasn't explained was the object's that I have marked A, B and C orbiting Saturn's outer ring. These huge cigar shaped object's are clearly shown following a definite path in an orbit along the edge of the ring. Could these be gigantic space craft or mother ships? One could speculate that these may be extraterrestrial mining ship's, harvesting some type of mineral from Saturn's outer ring. Who knows? I think we can rule out a glitch in the photography since they show up in six of the ten photos, and clearly show they are moving.
[link to www.rense.com]

Check out the objects marked A, B and C orbiting
Saturn's outer ring. These huge cigar shaped objects
are clearly shown following a definite path in an orbit
along the edge of the ring.

[link to i118.photobucket.com]
[link to thelivingmoon.com]

Original report about the MASSIVE UFO spotted around the rings of Saturn in a French Magazine:

[link to sebastoc.free.fr]

It is in French, so what it basically says is that those objects are massive OVNIS (UFOs) photographed by Cassini near Saturn, and put under wraps by NASA. One of the objects is Earth sized and one over 50,000 Km in length (Four times Earthís diameter!)

Keeping in mind the similarity with the HSTís infra red image shown above, it may be an actual photograph taken by NASA's Cassini. If genuine, the implications are mind boggling! Are we then seeing incontrovertible evidence of an alien presence in our Solar System?

And another thing. Small moonlets/asteroids even a couple of hundred miles long have been mapped and named. These objects are Earth size and some more than 50,000 Km long. Then why have these objects not been named? After all, theyíve shown up in the official photographs taken by the HST. But then, thatís probably top secret! You canít go around naming huge alien objects, can you?

Smells of a cover-up or what?

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