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Subject I Believe I'm One Of The Witnesses Of Revelation - God Told Me I'm John The Baptist In A Series Of Dreams (SERIOUS, WILL SHOW EVIDENCE)
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Original Message Introduction

I was called by God in the 7th month of 2011, which I believe marks the beginning of the tribulation. I had an urge to visit this website which I have visited on the occasion for years now. I think God wants me to post on this website because there are a lot of God's elect here, judging from what is talked about here.

When I first started posting here, I only thought I was one of God's Elect. Since then though, God has revealed more to me in dreams. I'm being completely serious when saying this, he told me that I am John the Baptist. I'm not lying, I intend to show you that this is true. God gives me prophetic dreams. Which I'm quite sure will come true.

I'm not stating that I'm John the Baptist out of ego, I've noticed that people want to know who these Two Witness's are. Just look at all the posts in this forum about the witnesses. I know I would want to know who he is. Its also apparent that I will become well known throughout the world. So me stating beforehand that I am a witness and then me becoming universally hated should lead credence to my claim.

I think people who would otherwise skip over the info I post will now take a good look at it. Which is why I decided to state that I am a witness in the first place. Eventually it would come out anyway I think.

I have nothing to brag about or boast about. The reason the witnesses are wearing sackcloth (grieving) is because of their sins. My sins are worse than the vast majorities.

God has also shown me that I will be really hated by the time my 3.5 years of testimony is up. So you will all see me on TV imho. Probably after 12/21/2012, which is when I believe (though it has not been confirmed by dream yet)Satan and his demonic horde will make themselves known to the world, disguised as aliens pretending to be our creators.

I will post the dreams that I have been having as well as my theories, some of which may be wrong, as to what will happen in these Last Days.

Satan's Plan

Satan knows Bible prophecy like the back of his hand. How is Satan going to deceive scrupulous Bible savvy Christians who are watchful and weary of any moves towards a one world government? These Christians know that the Bible warns about a Satanic End Times kingdom and they would cause an uproar at the formation of such. Satan therefore must disarm these Christians. He must create a puppet Illuminati organization which presides over the creation of this supposed New World Order, he will create a counterfeit of all the major prophecies in Revelation, a counterfeit regathering of Israel, a counterfeit mark of the beast, a counterfeit New World Order, a counterfeit Mystery Babylon the Great etc. Then Satan, posing as Yeshua, will come to earth disguised as an alien, he will pretend to be the defeater of the New World Order. These Christians, believing that the prophecies have already been fulfilled, will look to Satan as their savior. He will then start his real New World Order, and hand out the real Mark of the Beast, most Christians, believing that Satan was already defeated will have no problem taking this mark, as they will believe it is Yeshua's symbol. Satan's great plan of deception is to make Revelation happen before it actually happens.

The truth about Satan's deceptions

1)The Mark of the Beast is really the Hexagram, not the microchip.

2)The regathering spoken of in prophecy has yet to happen. The Bible makes it clear that this happens during the tribulation after Mystery Babylon The Great is destroyed. The nation of Israel is a counterfeit.

3)Israel is Mystery Babylon the Great. The Vatican is the counterfeit Mystery Babylon the Great.

4)The Pretribulation Rapture is not Biblical. Satan may try a counterfeit here to deceive Christians who believe the rapture doctrine. Spiritual rapture perhaps, or maybe even some sort of spaceship type of rapture. (Speculation)

5)White people are the Lost Tribes of Israel, not blacks.

6)The "Illuminati" is a puppet organization who's role is that of a scapegoat. Several Satanist families will allow themselves to be sacrificed. The Rockefellers, Bush's, Rothschilds etc.

7) Aliens are demons, they are not our creators. Satan will probably use the supposed 'Reptilian' as the scapegoats in this case. He will use these to counterfeit the description of Satan as being serpent-like in the Bible. In reality, these Reptilians will just be demons playing a part. Two sides of the same coin.

8) The Bible makes no mention of a human Antichrist. Satan himself will come to earth. All human Antichrists are counterfeits.

[link to Johnthewitness.wordpress.com]
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