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Subject Collectivism VS Individualism, which would you choose?
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Original Message This discussion was inspired by Ron Paul's explanation of the Globalist "Conspiracy"

Thread: Ron Paul Blasts the NWO conspiracy! what side are you on?

Oh my god I never thought I'd EVER find ANYONE else in the entire friggin world that actually understood that the move for a one world government does not actually have sinister intentions behind it from those trying to enact it.

Thank you Ron Paul for pointing out something that to me is fucking common sense. Its an ideological battle, nothing more.

That being said, I still look at this as being like the battle between the Assassin's and Templars in the Assassin's Creed games. One side believing humanity needs to be saved from itself and thus wants a society where free will doesn't exist and another side that believes that free will is necessary for any kind of real growth and future for humanity.

You can see this same theme playing out in other media like Gundam SEED Destiny and Gundam 00, the battle between the Borg and everyone else in Star Trek. Or even the Flood from Halo (and arguably the Forerunners too) and probably innumerable other stories that I can't think of right now. There is much truth in fiction, one of the first spirits I ever talked to has the best quote ever on that in my opinion.

"All stories have lessons for those willing to learn them."

In my opinion even thought the push towards globalism has the promise of stopping conflict and ensuring world peace, it does not unify humanity in any way shape or form. What it really does is standardize it. It weeds out the ideas and portions that are a threat to stability and cultivates one specific mindset only.

The problem is that it ignores the basic fundamental truth about life in that it is always changing. People, regardless of how much you try to condition it out of them, will always have unique viewpoints on everything. Even if the differences are small they are still there.

Because of this the NWO ideal for unity will always break down and become mere standardization. It also devolves into a totalitarian dictatorship as the controllers must always be vigilant in stamping out anything that threatens stability. You cannot stop questions about policies from existing a long as there are things about it to question. You can however stop the people themselves from bringing those questions to light by killing them or otherwise removing them from the population. Like quarantining a virus to keep it from spreading.

At the end of the day what other choice would the regime have? If it cannot logically justify its rule and its laws to the people it can only remove those smart enough to recognize this.

Its because of that inevitability that Globalism becomes evil. Change, the basis of life, must be forced to become static, the basis of death. The world as a result becomes living death and mere existence and nothing more.

I on the other hand believe that you can still have world peace and free will at the same time. All you need to do is understand other people and where they're coming from. Almost no one on this site ever seems to define terms they are using, they just seem to expect that others think like they do. Nor do they tend to explain why they feel a certain way about such-and-such topic, just barrel on stating that they are right without ever giving a reason for it.

And then when disputes break out the life experience ard is often played. "Oh you'd see things my way if you'd experienced what I have in my life!" Well guess what people, they haven't and can't live your life and have your experiences. That is a fact, even if someone was to be shown your entire life, feelings, emotions and all, after the fact they would still be interpreting it from their own non-you vantage point. Although it would probably give them a much better idea of your feelings on a subject.

So instead of just acting like you're right and everyone else is wrong because you're experienced something they haven't why don't you explain how it is that you came to the conclusions you've come to. And also, recognize that the peson arguing against you has their own reasons for feeling the way they do, just the same as you do.

As long as people are willing to understand each other the system works. Doesn't mean they need to like what the other person says, just that they get where they're coming from and aren't going to try killing each other over differences of opinion. If someone does not want to understand you and still only wishes to force their will on you believing it is right regardless of what you say, that is when violence becomes necessary as words will not work on people like that.

Wow I sound just like a preacher with all of this don't I? Oh well, its my opinion, take it or leave it.
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