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Subject comet "LOVEJOY"/"PHOENIX NWO's symbol of "ANTI-CHRIST"?
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Original Message i'm sure you've noticed the parallels between jesus christ and comet lovejoy, or at least TPTB are trying to make that connection in your head.

they called it lovejoy and then announced it had a "death wish" (jesus coming to die for our sins?) it plunged itself into "the sun/son") looking very much like jesus on a cross then MIRACULOUSLY, as no other comet has done, SURVIVES.

nasa dubs it "the birthday comet"
[link to soho.nascom.nasa.gov]

if this is of interest to anyone, please add on here.
i'm not at the point where i'm adding up numbers or doing gematria.
and i wish i had links to everything. like space.com's sensational lovejoy to make death dive, etc.

i also thought i had saved the close up pic of lovejoy when it looked it's most cross or T like (and it's companion comet a head of it. but now i can't find it. if anyone has that repost it here, that was striking.)

i also have not looked up in revelations what attributes the antichrist was supposed to have, but i think it said one thing it would have is perform miracles.

i saw several threads on this site mentioning it was a sign from god and stuff.

i'm not saying it IS, but it seems mighty curious to me that such events such as apples raining from the sky in coventry would follow a comet doing a miraculous thing, a sort of "rebirth"
and then salem news would announce obama signing the detention bill on the same day as nasa proclaiming comet lovejoy as a birthday gift.

there is just something in this, manufactured or not, that is sticking out to me. who knows, drones could have dropped the apples, heck if i know.

all i know is it SEEMS that something is going on here, i'm not sure what.

shill away.

and i'll try to add more to this later!


oh, and also the path the comet took is very much resembling a LOT of corporate logos.
i'm sure you seen them with the line 1/2 circling a globe and going behind it.

like obama's missile defense logo:

pic here:
[link to cautionamerica.com]
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