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Subject Comet LoveJoy spreading Love in our planetary belt
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Original Message Comet LoveJoy I can't stop watching you!!!

Watch the whole episode again [link to www.youtube.com] [youtube]

As Comet LoveJoy (LOVE THE NAME:) made its approach to the sun (see first minute) it is pointed to go well sideways of the Sun. The Sun using its strong gravitational arms to pull LoveJoy in and give it a kiss! Comet LoveJoy was real fast but having such a huge fan as our Son with such strong hands and a burning desire to get close to her, gave in to the attraction of our lovely Sun.

Orbits and trajectories are eliptical and are established over many years. And this by gaining their natural balance among other strong gravitational forces/fields and influencers that depending on how 'empty' of space around them may little effect their lovely courses.

LoveJoy gave up her trajectory and surrendered to the enchanting of the Sun. The magnetic field and gravitational force of the sun. Comet LoveJoys trajectory has as of December 16th experienced a dramatic change to its trajectory, one that most everyone assumed would be the end of the comet itself.

But Love has no bounds.

Love has no enemies.

Love lives forever.

And my favorite love doesn't burn, but sometimes if you misplace love you get burned.

The conclusion until December 16th established in the Astrological Scientific community (curious people who look at the sky) was that Comet LoveJoy would be consumed by the extreme fires of the sun.

The comet having circled the Sun with great momenutum and exhuberance (no doubt to make the journey), upon leaving the her love the wonderful Sun. Actually shifted its momentum (trajectory)180 degrees, but due to having so much propulsion is in effect sliding backwards - and skidding much like a car would on ice. Let us say as if you drove 80 miles an hour on a frozen over lake, hit the breaks and slowly skidded (180 degrees)and were now going 'backward'.

Comet LoveJoy is no doubt left with her head spinning. The Sun affects? Any ideas? Nobody knows which way Comet LoveJoy will point or if it will join 'the sun belt' and gradually gain alignment. The possibly of doing planet ping pong if however not highly likely as its a pretty big sky out there.

That my take on it.

Whats yours?
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