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Subject “LONG AWAITED NEW WORLD LEADER’ or New Live Avatar on Earth starts his multiple shades from Feb.2012 PART TWO
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Original Message “LONG AWAITED NEW WORLD LEADER’ or New Live Avatar on Earth starts his multiple shades from Feb.2012

An enlightened person is one who has dropped all demarcations; who is not a Christian, who is not a Hindu, who is not a Mohammedan, who is not a Buddhist, who is not a communist, who is not a fascist, who is not man, who is not woman, who is not young, who is not old -- who has dropped all lines of demarcation, who lives without definition. To live without definition is to live infinitely, because all definition is a finitude. To define means to make finite.

An enlightened person is indefinable, infinite. He has no lines. An enlightened person is the richest person possible, but his richness comes from surrender, not from fight. He does not... he has not any conflict with the whole. An enlightened person comes to know that independence is impossible, dependence also impossible. An enlightened person functions totally differently. He himself does not know where he is going, and he is not worried about it either. He does not think about it -- where he is going. He trusts: wherever he is going, it is good. His trust is total and infinite. He trusts life, you trust yourself. He trusts the whole, you trust a tiny part. He trusts the immense, the infinite, you trust the mediocre human mind. His trust makes him wise; your trust makes you stupid. You doubt the whole and you trust yourself. He has dropped himself and he trusts the whole. He is never to be frustrated, he has no regrets. He never looks back, because whatsoever was -- and whatsoever was, was good. An enlightened person is an absolute, unconditional 'yes'. It is very difficult to understand it unless you have tasted something of it. That is the only way to know about it.

The reality is neither dependent nor independent; the reality is interdependent. We exist together. And when I say 'we', the trees are included, the mountains are included, and the skies are included. When I say 'we', everything is included, nothing is excluded. We exist together. We are together.
An enlightened person is capable to knowing that what is stored in future when, where, why, which, whom, who how certain things will happen and in which manner certain formalities and rites are to be observed with the accuracy of time, quantity and place or the right words to be pronounced for getting rid of problems of life in accordance to the advance planning of Nature/ Existence/ Unseen Power/ God/ Allah/ Wahe Guru .
For Any New Live Avatar on Earth to start ‘TALK THE WALK’ “ Enlightenment “ is the first step & after many years of equally to death painful very hard training courses to find out more & more strength to face the consequence by using ‘SWORD OF ENLIGHTENMENT’ & Only after that Nature/ Existence/ Unseen Power/ God/ Allah/ Wahe Guru is starts their already planned most powerful unlimited Actions of “ Mission Impossible by using the body of this so called” New Live Avatar on Earth “ who has no alternate to follows all the instructions as “he already signed life time contract tour or journey with address , His all Actions as Talking , Walking , Eating, Sleeping , Angering , Shouting , And so on till death are starts as per instruction of Nature/ Existence/ Unseen Power/ God/ Allah/ Wahe Guru Who starts to decide his Authorized Representative OR New Live Avatar on Earth how & what to talk , how & what to walk , how & what to eat , how & what to behave with different people & situations.


Mr. Mahesh Kumar Suneja, or Mr. Ocean, Dubai, supermindindian@rediffmail.com
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