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Subject The Illuminati Is Stalking me HELP im scared for my life
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Original Message What do I do im in fear for my life now. Ok i run an intenet site and Youtube Channel thats had several thousand views that speaks out against the illuminati/NWO and exposes them, I even corridanated black magick curses against the illuminati on a regular basis (they do the same to humanity so i figured why not do the same back to them) Ok so now whats going on is 2 weeks ago some people moved into a basically vacent apartment building behind me. It looks more like a meeting room than an apartment they left the windowshades open in the Back I could see a Table and a UN symbol an American flag to the side and a lot of buisness like people sitting around a table, with candles lit and a florescant light, Now I have cars outside my house with people on computers (I caught one at 2 AM) there are strange people that keep repeatedly showing up at places I go to, I saw a car in front of me with a masonic symbol. Get this no one here knows about my website or youtube channel but I walked around there with my IPOD and found a network with the name "Indigo" on it (thats my online name) I tried to do a ritual to send positive energy into the earth like I do often I felt this force field it felt odd almost powerful enough to knock me over, and i started shaking. I keep getting these visions of someone breaking in and shooting me, or kidnapping me to some odd warhouse facility. I think im in major trouble. What can i do I feel this forcefield is constantly being thrown at me that gives me mentally unstable thoughts and suicidal/homicidal like feelings. They are trying to do something to make me go insane.
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