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Subject N.W.O Tactics from someone who's experienced them firsthand
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Original Message Most if not all N.W.O tactics are based on plausible deniability. Doing things that the public deems nothing but science fiction or fantasy and thus will guarantee will never be investigated or using methods that guarantee that no “hard evidence” as the public and the dumber conspiracy theorists define it can be found. By using such tactics they can act with complete impunity without fear of retaliation.

Methods high on the list, especially for assassination, often involve some form of spirit or ghost attack or equivalent. This does not mean an actual spirit was involved at any stage in the process. It only means that the attack happened from outside this plane of existence of which there are many ways to reach.

HAARP for example is far more than weather manipulation. It is a research program that deals with the study of frequencies and their effects. Yes weather can be manipulated by manipulating the local geo-magnetic field and thus the air pressure systems, but that barely scratches the surface. One of the most intriguing things that came out of HAARP would be the capability to phase-shift matter. Bumping it into a higher native frequency range similar to how a transformer changes voltage output. With this ability entire areas can be phased out of existence to the point where you could build a small town literally in the same physical space that a military base inhabits and the two would never interact under normal circumstances.

It's like if you have two floors of a building with the exact same layout. If a person is at the exact same spot on level one and another on level two the two cannot interact. One must somehow be on the same level as the other before interaction can happen.

Well if they are so out of phase, how can they attack you ask? Because people are also naturally multiplanar. To simplify we have two main forms, our physical body, and an etheric double. That ghost is directly involved in our physical health, and is at least partly made up of the electricity our body runs on. If you cut off the power flow, death can soon follow. That electricity is also what you tap into when you project. You separate that energy double from yourself and possess it via a connection you retain with your physical body so that you have something to come back to when you're done. There is already mountains of information on this so I don't need to really go into it.

If a person is unaware of this capability that all humans are able to learn it makes the N.W.O's job substantially easier as all they need to do is attack that energy and they're done. Once you've lost more energy than the bare minimum required to keep your body functioning, you die. It's just that simple. No different than how your phone dies when the battery is depleted.

Projection can be both a defense and a liability if you are in any way a threat to the N.W.O. Defense because it can allow you to intercept attack on you if you have the knowledge and skills to do so. Liability because it exposes you and effectively puts a bullseye on your head as someone who may potentially become a threat. Technology exists that can detect frequency and amplitude changes in biology that can easily alert them to a persons spiritual capabilities and the reality is that of the tiny handful of people who can legitimately project an even more miniscule number actually understand the realities of it as opposed to the religious dogma that states that nothing can hurt you “up there” because its all fluffy love and light. And of those people who understand and even more microscopic number know how to defend themselves effectively in any capacity. And of those who know how to defend, the number of people in the world who are capable of standing up to a concerted attack are probably fewer than can be counted on your fingers and toes.

What people simply do not understand is that you are dealing with trained military personnel. Not Hollywood action movie or anime bullshit fantasies. However because that is the general perception of what I like to call the “awakened sheep” trying to educated people on the subject often seems pointless. I also suspect that that was designed as well, because ironically anime's and video games are probably the best literal portrayal of this reality. And of course anime's and video games are the poster children of fictional fantasy bullshit as far as the masses are concerned. Bleach specifically is hands down the best portrayal in my opinion as far as projection goes and Assassin's Creed is probably the best as far as this shadow war goes. and I highly doubt the creators of these stories realize how accurate to reality their stories really are. Frankly its entirely possible that it was all fed to them deliberately as a means to hide the information in plain sight or perhaps mock those who understand all this. I certainly feel mocked when playing Assassin's Creed. But its a phenomenon any rational storyteller would interpret as inspiration or perhaps a muse.

This can be done because thoughts are essentially frequency patterns. You have absolutely zero contact with the outside world, all you know is the signals you various senses send to your brain for interpretation. Because of that it is entirely possible to remotely induce a person with ideas and feeling that are not their own. All thoughts correspond to some pattern and it doesn't really matter where that frequency came from, just that its there. Yes biochemistry also plays a role as well, they all interact and they are all manipulatable.

Every once in awhile I try to do a thread like this to try educating people as best I can. I understand that there's a vast number of total retards on the internet who don't posses a single iota of rational intelligence as far as I'm concerned. Those people are the ones who instantly raise BS flags without even attempting to justify why they are so certain people are full of BS. They're the ones who design stupid tests to see if a person is legit or not, like writing out a complex chemistry problem to see if an alleged chemist is really a chemist likely without realizing that being able to answer that question only proves they had a means to answer it and nothing more. Or demanding proof in the form of pictures, video, or incredibly specific information without considering that said information may put that persons life at risk and that even if said picture or video was legitimately real there are innumerable ways that people could also legitimately argue that it is a fake. Such people are the awakened sheep, and are not worth my time or acknowledgment.

I do this for the people who are truly intelligent skeptics who will critically analyze my information and not judge it at face value or by childish tests. And I know there's more than a few of you out there. Although my real life sucks a lot of my energy away and I am often too tired to keep discussions like these going consistently for long periods of time I will do my best to keep up. So by all means, ask me a question.


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