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Subject MONDAY UPDATE: "They are busy getting the FEMA camps stocked up and staffed up"....overheard random conversation in the mainstream yesterday
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Original Message So my unemployed police officer wife had to take a job as a security officer about 6 weeks back with an assisted living mental institution in our city. I mention this because she is the most professional, ethical, anti-corrupt cop I've ever known, and for the credibility factor. That's why she is no longer in law enforcement.

Anyway... It's with state gov't and just about everyone she works with has been around awhile & knows a lot of inside stuff - and they apparently love to "share" with each other. I guess that's what makes up for the shitty pay.

Today when we were working around the house, she mentioned that she and her co-workers overheard another officer *talking to a buddy on the phone about how "they" are staffing up FEMA camps all over.

When he got off the phone, one of the officers said she overheard "FEMA camps" while he was chatting with his buddy, got intrigued, and wanted to know what he was talking about. He said that his buddy "on the inside" was giving him some advice about getting himself and his loved ones ready because "they were busy getting the FEMA camps stocked up and staffed up".

Now this is a pretty random conversation for such a hardcore CS topic like FEMA camps. Like if you had been in line at the grocery store and some guy was on his cell phone having this conversation. I mean, what a shock to hear this kind of subject matter oustide of this kind of forum. But, it happened. And it's VERY weird/suspicious to me.

This is all we know right now. When she goes back to work on Monday, she's going to chat a bit more with the old guy to see if he knows anything else. But I have to tell you, my wife isn't the CS type, kind of makes fun of me for getting on GLP, and I'm having to really push her to dig for more.

That's it. What do y'all think?

*(Please, no uncle cracks - we all know that we hear stuff from someone, who heard stuff from time to time... And we also know when it sounds fishy and we need to put it out there.)
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