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Subject If Obama is really Barry, what does his name mean for you??
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Original Message If Barry Soetoro is actually faking who he is.....

Then the people who put him place with their power and lobbyist campaign money are really rubbing your face in it when they made his name.

This plan must be a cracker for it to have worked.... Maybe Iran is the key..... It's been over a decade in the making so maybe it is. Makes sense about Iraq and Afghanistan too with all this about to come out...

But anyway that's a different discussion...

Lets concentrate at the name they picked for Barry....

Barack :

Should be Barak but that would have brought unwanted attention. However....

Barak, a military general in the Book of Judges in the Bible.
Barak SAM, an Israeli naval point-defense missile system.
Barak Armored Brigade, an Israeli brigade under the Northern Command.
Barak, Israel, a moshav in northern Israel.

Hussein :

Starting with the obvious it, was Saddams last name....
But then also it's meaning Hussein is an Arabic name which is the diminutive of Hassan, meaning "good", "handsome" or "beautiful". It is commonly given as a male given name, particularly among Shias[1], in honor of Hussein ibn Ali.

Obama :

Sounds like Osama..... Really??

Anyway they must have really counted on the amount of sodium or something in your diet for you all to vote in your droves for this guy.....

Or are they just having a laugh at your expense....

Debt more wars and oppressive laws is what his presidency is about.... Does change mean just an increase in corruptness to you all??

Hmmm does make you think..... Who set this up??
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