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Subject Lieutenant Col.S.C. ADAMANTLY States on LIVE Radio:"The GIANTS/UFOs WILL Be on The Earth Within NEXT FEW WEEKS"!(Link Inside)
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Original Message "WOW"???? "SHOCKED AND SPEECHLESS" is how I would describe the way I felt last night after hearing THIS LATEST UPDATE by one of the MOST CUTTING-EDGE speakers out there on ALL things Reptillian/Deep-Underground Millitary Bases/NWO Extermination Camps and UFOs — Lieutenant Colonel S.C (incidentally,he recently got promoted to COLONEL folks!)..........

AMAZING LATEST:"The MOON has moved 28 degrees OFF it's axis revealing never-before-seen land marks! The EARTH,I have been told by those-in-the-know,is GOING TO MOVE 40 DEGREES OFF IT'S axis (pole shift?) with America being the new location of the equatorial latitude within the next four months!!!!!" — Lt.Col.S.C.

PLEASE listen to the show that the Colonel did LIVE with host DANIEL OTT just merely only a few days ago,this is going to be a MAJOR SHOCKER folks so I recommend you listen to it tonight after your chores INSTEAD of watching the usual CRAP on T.V so that you get a REAL perspective of the CHILLING implications of EVERYTHING that was revealed on this AMAZING live broadcast!!!!!


[link to theedgeam.com]


(DISCLAIMER:I've found some of the things the Lieutenant has in the past to be SO outlandish as-to merit only my contempt such as THAT "I meet in the woods now with the LITERAL GOD of ALL creation,he wears blue-jeans (and POSSIBLY white tennis shoes!)"
I also find it HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS that the Lieutenant NEVER says ANYTHING about the fact that it is The Black Pope that MOST PROBABLY runs the WHOLE NWO agenda......)

*****SHORT ON TIME? To hear the Colonel speaking about EXACTLY WHEN the GIANTS/UFOs will be on the earth please FAST-FORWARD to these times on the broadcast:16th minute-34thminute and also 92nd minute-100th minute.*****
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