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Subject Hypothetically - Apocolypse 12/21/2012 is real and Horrific Deaths are Assured - Would You Consider a Painless Suicide?
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Original Message OK, let's assume for a second that Nibiru, a super magnetic brown dward, is real and will cross on 12/21/2012.

We know though that the catastrophes will begin much sooner even as early as March in a massively magnified repeat of Japan's earthquake.

We know the governments have super bunkers built and may take in a lottery like group of people. The sealing of these bunkers would take place well in advance of the crossing... say 9/11/2012.

Now you and your family are left outside with little food or protection from the escalating megadisasters.

With Examples Like:
Volcanic Eruptions and Pyroclastic Flowes - The ash will be tiny glass particles that will evicerate your lungs causing a painful death.
Earthquakes like depicted in 2012 where even if you aren't smashed by the structure you are in, you could fall into chasms, you could be crushed and wait out the short rest of your life in pain and alone.
Supermassive Tidal Waves I figure this will be a quick way to go.
Extreme Exposure to Solar Radiation - with the magnetic poles reversing there will be points where these deadly particles are freely hitting the earth and your body. Radiation death isn't pretty either.

Enough of that. Say that you could have a painless way for you and your family to pass w/o the horrors that will ensue. Consider it to be a lethal dose of morphine that slows respiration until you pass.

Would you do it?

For you preppers, what do you have for serious pain relief in light of dismemberment, gun shot wounds, impailent?

If there was a way for you to obtain such products would you consider it?
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