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Subject The FINAL EVENTS Of Bible Prophecy
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Original Message Those pointing to the near approaching end of the world and the imminent return of Jesus Christ often speak about the prophesied signs happening all around us on planet earth such as the rise in earthquakes, famines, widespread disease, wars and rumors of wars, etc.

Yet, the Bible speaks of these in Matthew 24 only as the "beginning of sorrows" and the final conflict which will engulf the entire globe.

There are tremendous events soon to follow all that we are seeing today. A WAR is about to take place such as has not been witnessed as long as men have been on the earth. Will this approaching global war be fought with guns, tanks, and missiles? Or will it be a war of a much different nature and much greater importance? I encourage all to watch the following video:

Final Events of Bible Prophecy.

Clear, easily understandable, to the point. A multimedia presentation taking you from the time of today all the way through the end of the 1,000 years and the earth made new. It is a fascinating overview of the correct timeline of Biblical Prophecy. Please remember that this is not a Biblical exegesis, but a summarized preview based on the truths of the Bible.

Direct Link to Youtube: [link to www.youtube.com]

Can also watch on youtube in 7 separate parts.

May God lead you into all truth!


At request, I have written a synopsis of each of the seven sections of the video... although it feels more like a book. hf

Part 1: Final Signs.

An overview of the current signs of the nearness of the end that we see around us. Daniel 12:4 is quoted, "many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased," apart from other verses. The technology revolution is looked at, as well as the usual signs such as earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, diseases, famines, etc. Perhaps the most telling sign mentioned is the degenerated state of society described in 2 Timothy 3:2, "For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy... etc". As it was in the time of Noah and the time of Sodom and Gomorrah, so it shall be "when the Son of man" is revealed. The worldwide spreading of the gospel is also discussed as one of the final signs, giving us hope and encouragement in light of the wickedness of the earth. "Where iniquity abounds, grace much more abounds".

Soon, a global calamity will send this entire planet into an upheaval never before witnessed here on this planet, and will essentially set off all the final events.

Part 2: The World Polarized.

Almost simultaneously as the global crisis begins, the faithful people of God are aided by the God in Heaven through an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in His fullness, without measure. The earth is lightened with the glory of God as the gospel, in its utmost purity, is preached with power not seen since the days of Jesus. The faithful will be alight with the character and brightness of Jesus as Moses was when he came down from Mount Sinai.

At the same time, God begins pulling back His hand of protection from the earth and the forces of darkness(Satan & his fallen angels) are given more room to carry out their evil deeds and deceptions. As the preaching of the gospel intensifies, so will counterfeit supernatural apparitions and phenomena. Demons will appear to many posing as dead relatives come from heaven to give them hope and instruction. They will speak words of hope while presenting dangerous but subtle errors.

As the global crisis intensifies, world leaders will band together to form one Religio-Political 'New World Order', backed by the majority of the people, in order to address the massive calamities and upheaval which is sweeping the globe. It will be believed that the judgement of God had begun falling on the earth and a global call to return to Godly principles and Godly living will be made by this new-found system and the people supporting it, aiming to return back into the graces of the Creator. Christians, Muslims, jewish people, etc will influence the governments to enact laws to promote the morality which has been lost.

The result of this will be the world leaders passing decrees and laws which they claim will promote morality and bring peace to the land, but laws which are in blatant opposition to the Word of God, and a plain "Thus saith the LORD". These laws will compel all men and women to worship God in a certain way, violating the freedom of conscience of those faithful few who will not place themselves in opposition to God's unchangeable truth. These are the Mark of the Beast laws, which are said to promote faith, goodness, and godliness but which will only further separate the world from the Creator, for they in essence rebel against God's plain Scriptural commands.

When these laws are passed, the world will be polarized into two groups; Those who choose to follow God's commands and will, even if it means their death, and those who choose the commandments and rules of men. "But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men." Matthew 15:9. As times progresses, the majority of the world will be deceived into believing that those who choose the commandments of God rather than these laws are the very reason why the apparent displeasure of God is upon the earth. As it was prophesied in Daniel 3, those who will not choose to worship according to the dictates of the world-state will first not be able to buy or sell, have their property taken away, be imprisoned, and eventually martyred and put to death for their faith; paralleling what took place in the dark ages when the power of the church influenced the state. Yet, those who choose God's Word over the word of men, will receive eternal life, while the rest of the world will in result forfeit their lives and bring death upon themselves.

At the very climax of this 'polarization', and the time when God's people are about to be martyred for following God rather than men, Satan himself will attempt to counterfeit the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. "Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light." 2 Corinthians 11:14. A bright, dazzling being, looking what appears to be Jesus Christ will appear in the sky and will profess that he is Christ-returned to set up an earthly kingdom of peace. A flock of TV and Media crews will relay this event through television, particularly his first steps onto the planet, and many will be deceived into thinking that his appearance through television has fulfilled the prophecy that "every eye will see Him". He will walk, heal, and speak the same words as Jesus Christ, though he will profess that he is the long-awaited savior of all religions.

Part 3. Probation Closes.

As Lucifer attempts to counterfeit the Second Coming, there will be, however, a small faithful group, shining as the brightest of the firmament with the Spirit of the True Redeemer, who will expose this deception and warn the world that this being is none other than Lucifer and Satan, come to deceive.

When Lucifer appears claiming to be the long awaited Savior, he will deceive all nations. To the Christians he will say he is Jesus Christ returned. To the jewish people he will say he is the long-delayed Messiah. To the New Agers he will say he is the Cosmic Christ. To the Muslims he will say he is the Mahdi. To the Hindus he will say he is Vishna reincarnated. To the Buddhists he will say he is Buddha reincarnated, etc, etc. Virtually the whole world will believe the lie. This bright being however, will be unable to solve the state of the world, he will not be able to stay back the calamities, famine, disease, and destruction which will intensify as he appears. Many will wonder why he cannot, and some will realize that something is amiss...

World leaders will be led to believe by this false christ that it is those who have not accepted these Mark of the Beast laws which are responsible for the destruction that is happening all over the world. At first, the penalties for disobedience to these laws will be light. As time progresses and destruction intensifies, they will have their property confiscated and will not be able to buy or sell. Believing no time can be lost, the global state will eventually attempt to eradicate them from the earth, as it was in the time of the Roman emperor Diocletian. Those who choose to be loyal to God, thus ensuring their eternal salvation, will at this time be martyred in the thousands, if not millions. The remaining few chosen ones, called the 144,000, will be the only ones of God's people who will survive this horrific genocide and will be led by the Holy Spirit into the remote mountain places.

When the true believers had been martyred, the 144,000 guided into the mountains, and the rest of the world had chosen the Mark of the Beast laws which oppose God's Word, probation for this world will close. The true Jesus Christ in heaven will cease His work of interceding for the inhabitants of the world, in preparation for His return. The gospel will have finished its work and the Holy Spirit will at last be withdrawn from the earth. When this happens, only two groups will exist on the earth, the faithful 144,000 who are obedient to God, and the wicked rest of the world who have chosen the false christ and the obedience to men.

When probation closes the seven last plagues will begin to be poured out upon those who have willfully and knowingly chosen to disobey God's Word. A series of events will take place even more terrible than the previous ones, recorded in Revelation 16. All, except those in the remote mountains and caves, will be afflicted with terrible boils all over their bodies; the waters and seas of the earth will be contaminated, will rot, and be turned to blood; the heat of the sun will intensify many times over and fiercely scorch men and women who chose sin rather than grace, etc. Terror will rain upon the now panic stricken inhabitants of the earth.

During this time, the 144,000 are unharmed, as Shadrach, Mishach, and Abednego were preserved in the fiery furnace. They will be provided food and water by God, as Elijah was provided for by the birds. The angels of God will protect this small company of believers, who at the start of these plagues had been totally lost track of by the rest of the world. Devoid of the Holy Spirit this small group will go through the most intense time of soul searching and wrestling with God, for all their feelings and emotions will be telling them that God has forsaken them too. This will be the most trying test of faith, but which will show the universe how powerful the grace of God is which transformed these little ones into being with the Faith of Jesus Christ. This is the time of Jacob's trouble.

As the plagues continue, shocking news will be announced throughout the world. NOT ALL THE "ENEMIES OF THE STATE & CHURCH" HAD BEEN KILLED! The wicked world, whose door of mercy had already closed, had thought that all those who they claimed were the cause of the crisis had been killed off. Now it is shown otherwise, that there is a small group of believers hiding in different places of the world, in the mountains and caves. In one day the entire world will pass a law that at a certain point in time, on a certain day, anyone and everyone will be required to go and wipe off this group from the face of the earth, to bring peace upon the earth. Previously, the martyrs were carried out by the power of the government. This time, all men and women will be given the command to kill those faithful to God, at will.

When the hour hits, the wicked inhabitants of the earth will move out after the 144,000, hoping to eradicate them. These small groups of God's people, who are at numerous locations around the earth, will find themselves surrounded by those wishing to kill them with guns, knives, etc. To all appearances, all hope will be lost to the faithful believers, their physical lives about to be forfeit.

THIS IS THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON. Armageddon, literally meaning in the Greek, "The Mount of the Congregation", when the entire world will congregate itself against the people of God. It is both a physical battle and a spiritual battle; a spiritual battle for one belief will be set against another; a physical battle for the wicked will seek to martyr all those opposing them.

But it will be a physical battle which never reaches its climax, for as the wicked surround the camps of the righteous and are about to destroy them, something happens... an event which the entire universe had been waiting for for Millenia...

Part 4. The King Returns.

At the darkest hour of the history of the earth, a thunderous voice will be heard in the heavens and throughout the earth. The Father will speak saying "IT IS DONE!" The wicked will freeze in their tracks. A glorious light will suddenly encircle the small group of faithful believers and their countenances light up with the glory of GOD, as a small cloud will be seen in the east, first about the size of a baseball, then growing larger and nearer, signaling the approach of the Returning King Jesus and all the trillions of the angels of heaven. The wicked realize who this is and filled with divine fear and an understanding of what they had been doing, they tremble and flee to hide themselves from the glory of the Holy Redeemer.

As the clouds and hosts of heaven arrive at the earth, the entire heavens departs as a scroll and in its place are seen billions of angels. Jesus blows His silver trumpet which shakes the entire earth. Then He proclaims in the voice of an archangel, "Awake! Awake! Awake! Ye that sleep in the dust and ARISE!" The thunderous voice of Jesus Christ resurrects all the righteous since the time of the first Adam, who up until now had been resting in their graves, awaiting their reward. Throughout the entire earth, millions upon millions of God's people are brought back to life, and along with the 144,000, have their bodies transformed into perfect immortal bodies. The angels of God gather these faithful ones from all corners of the earth and together they begin to rise above the earth to join Jesus and the angels on the great white cloud.

As they enter the cloud to meet Jesus face-to-face, fire rains down from heaven upon the earth which has already been convulsing and shaking with destruction. The wicked, and all residue of human life, is destroyed. For the first time since creation, no human being is alive on planet earth. Lucifer, who claimed to be Jesus, and his fallen angels are the only ones who remain on the now desolate earth.

Part 5. The Millenium.

The earth is desolate. Satan and his angels are bound to the earth by circumstance, having no one to influence or deceive. Surrounded by overturned cities, rotting bodies, and a destroyed earth, they contemplate the result of their wickedness and their rebellion against God, as they await the final execution of the judgement.

Meanwhile, all the righteous saved, with the Father and Jesus, and all the hosts of angels, spend seven days 'traveling' through the vastness of space before they arrive in heaven and the heavenly New Jerusalem, to spend a thousand years in heaven. All the redeemed have the great privilege of enjoying all the wonders that heaven has to offer. They find their loved ones and friends who had been torn away from them by death and disease. They meet their guardian angels who answer many of their questions regarding their struggle on earth. They talk and walk with Jesus face-to-face and begin to learn about the deep things and working of God.

In His great love, the Father and Jesus then invite the righteous to participate in the work of the final judgement. The recorded lives of all the lost ones are opened before them. They have the opportunity to find out why the lost are not in heaven. All the sins, hidden and secret thoughts and desires of the unsaved are laid out before them. All their questions about why certain ones have not been saved are answered. They see for themselves how JEHOVAH had attempted to work upon each person's heart, calling them to righteousness and grace, as well the rejections of that given love by those who are not saved.

Before all the wicked receive their final punishment, all the records of the lost are carefully reviewed by fellow human beings who had gone through the ordeal of living on a sin-stricken planet. All the words, deeds, and thoughts of all the wicked are weighed against what is written in God's Holy Word, and their degree and length of punishment determined. Before God causes all the wicked, and Satan and his angels, and sin to cease to exist, the entire universe is shown through this 'judgement review' that the Creator is perfectly justified in carrying out the final execution of the judgement.

Part 6. The End of Sin.

As the 1,000 years come to a close, the Father, Jesus, and the redeemed prepare to return back to the earth for the final phase of the judgement. They 'travel' to the earth with the holy city, the New Jerusalem. As they draw near, Jesus descends ahead of the city and in a loud voice commands all the unsaved to resurrect; all the lost from Adam's time to the time of Christ's Second Coming. As the hosts of the wicked look on, Jesus descends and His feet touch the Mount of Olives, causing it to cleave and transform into a massive plain on which the New Jerusalem now comes down to rest upon.

According to Revelation 20:7, Satan now again has a people who are outside the walls of the Holy City whom he can deceive and incite to rebellion. Being separated from the love of God, the mass of the unsaved are easily deceived, coerced, and rallied by Lucifer and his angels for a final attempt to seize the City by force. They begin to encircle the city in preparation for an assault. This very act shows that, though now in the presence of a Holy and Loving God, their hearts remain unchanged. If possible, they would tear God from His throne and crucify Him all over again.

Yet, this is another battle which never sees fruition. As they encircle the city, Jesus reveals Himself in His splendor high above the city and looks down upon those ready to once again wage rebellion against Him. As He looks down, His gaze pierces each soul, and in a panoramic view each human being outside of the city is shown all his sins, secret and public, and their refusals to answer the pleadings of the Holy Spirit. They are reminded of every wrong act, thought, and word they committed and refused to repent of. With wailing they realize fully the result of their actions and how, through their own choices, had refused salvation from God. The turmoil of their souls is beyond words.

The rebellious cannot deny the justice and mercy of God which they rejected. They acknowledge God's justice and in unison, all fall prostrate before Jesus and proclaim "Just and True are Thy ways, O King of Saints!" Together they will acknowledge before God that He is righteous and that they deserve to pay the penalty for their sins. The time has come for the final punishment and the destruction of sin. Sin cannot exist in the fullness of the glory of God. As Jesus now unveils His indescribably glory and brightness, infinitely brighter than the sun at noon, fire begins to rain down from heaven upon those outside the city walls. The earth begins to break up and molten lava pours out from beneath the earth.

Each lost soul now faces the result of their sins which is eternal death. Each one is punished and burns according to the amount of sin that is upon him. Those with fewer sins burn up fast, while those guilty of horrific crimes against humanity suffer longer. The length and intensity of their punishment is proportionate to their sins, while Satan, who is the father of all sin, with his angels, burn the longest. This however, is not an eternally lasting fire. Each one burns until his sins are burnt up, and death and sin itself, ceases to exist.

This final act of judgement will not be pleasing to the righteous inside the city who are looking on from the safety of the walls, nor will it be to a loving God who hates to see death and suffering. This will be a painful act to witness for God and the righteous. But this event is necessary on account of God's justice, in order to establish a universe free of death, pain, sorrow, and tears. Sin must meet its result and end.

As the last embers of the lake of fire cease to burn, all the universe begin praising and glorifying JEHOVAH, the Father and Son, that the reign of terror of Lucifer and sin has come to a close. Sin and death are no more. It is now time for God to create a new heaven and a new earth...

Part 7. The New Earth.

When the fire had finished purifying the earth from sin, the righteous will have the greatest of privileges and pleasure in witnessing something that no human being ever had. As JEHOVAH turns His gaze back upon the earth, they are about to witness the creation of a New Earth and a new heavens. As it was in the first creation, God begins to utter His voice and for six days all the redeemed see with their own eyes as the LORD re-creates the earth. The new, enlarged planet, is filled with life and wonders far surpassing the glory of the first creation 7,000 years before. On the seventh-day all the hosts of heaven will 'rest' with God, being in complete awe of His unspeakable power and grace, and for establishing a new world of peace and happiness.

It is the beginning. The ones who had at one time been destroyed and inflicted by disease, pain, sorrow, and sin, now have the joy of living a life of immortality, enjoying all the wonders of the earth, and the universe which JEHOVAH had created. They now share a special bond between them and God, a bond which no other angel, and unfallen being, can fully understand or appreciate. Jesus Christ will forever remain a human being, being an everlasting reminder of His infinite sacrifice on behalf of a world that had sinned. The scars from His crucifixion on His hands, feet, and side will forever remain an evidence of His unending love. Every day they will have the privilege of spending time with Him, and growing in His love.

No longer bound to earth, the righteous are able to roam the universe at will and explore the endless universe of God. They will visit far distant galaxies, nebulae, planets, wonders which our minds cannot comprehend at this time, as well as visiting and interacting with the inhabitants of other worlds created by God but which had never fallen to sin, but who nonetheless had all this time been watching this one diseased cancer-spot with utmost interest. No longer limited by a corrupted and enfeebled mind and intellect, they are able to explore and comprehend the deepest mysteries of God and the universe, constantly growing in grace, knowledge, and understanding. Love will fill the entire universe. Joy, happiness, and peace are the theme of the universe. The righteous will, in the fullness of its meaning, become kings with Jesus Christ, and ambassadors of His Holy Kingdom. They will teach and testify of what JEHOVAH had done for them to beings throughout the universe who had never sinned; they will reveal and relay for all eternity just how far-reaching and infinite the Love of YHVH truly is.

"Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God.

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful.
" Revelation 21:3-5


Dear Friends, all this can be yours. Jesus Christ gave His life for each one of you to give you freedom, cleansing, and victory over all sin. He waits for each one to willingly accept this free gift, which to Him came at an infinite price. All you have to do is believe on Him, turn away from your all your sins, and live a life of faith and victory through the Holy Spirit, who will change and transform your character, heart, and mind back into the moral perfection from which we had fallen.

The remaining time left to accept this gift is very, very short. Will you give your life to the King of the Universe, and trade this short pathetic life of sin for an eternity of joy and peace? I pray that you do and choose life through Jesus Christ. The choice is yours.

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