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Subject Truth about the "only begotten" son.
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Original Message Of course you all know John 3:16...especially if you watch sports. Signs everywhere and even on the face of Tebow. It says that "God" has an only begotten "son".
Well the word 'beget' is defined as to procreate or sire. In order to do this action you have to copulate. If you are not married to the female and have a child with her it is called fornication and the child is a bastard. The old hebrews would stone her to death for such an activity.
But...."God" loves the world so much that he 'begat' a son with a human female. Even "God" has to follow the laws of nature, so he had to copulate with her and implant his celestial semen into her womb to 'beget' this bastard child.
So that this son would be killed in a religious ritual called human sacrifice. Eph 5:2, 1 John 3:16...etc and many other scriptures about his blood sacrifice.
What kind of insanity is this?
God copulating with a human to get a bastard half breed son to participate in a blood sacrifice.
This is not a good thing.
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