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Subject Bulla the Rainbow Man
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Original Message Hi,I come to you to spread the knowledge of Bulla,a wise man with many interesting theories and the lost history of mankind.
Be patient as I gather the data and allow him,Bulla to join to explain.

With this I will start with his first message to me.

TO CATCH A RAINBOW Natures Library ©
Author Christopher Temp Nature Philosopher <
(Page2) Too catch a Rainbow,(Pages ¾) Expediential expansion factors
(Page 5) Mother Natures Philosophy

(Page 6) Spectrum of time

(Page 7)
The Worlds Biggest Cryptic

(Page 8) Mother Nature and the lack of mankindís wisdom
You are about to be confronted by the unraveling of the most perplexing
conundrum known to mankind, that well challenge your entire belief systems, into every
thing you thought, you new and understood about Science and the Laws of known Physics
concerning Mother Nature, and her mystery surrounding the anomaly we can see clearly
on some special occasions when its rainy or on cloudy days, we begin to unravel the
mystery, that until this time has been incorrectly identified and described in all manner
of Scientific Text books, Manuals, etc, to clarify, that Rainbows, if one can call them that,
also accrue on clear sky days ! , now that is obliviously an unproven fact as you can
imagine they would go unseen, for very good reason, as there is ďnoĒ, if you like,
blackboard or drive inn movie screen, where by you can still have the projector running
but if you have no screen, then you can no longer see the projected picture, and the very
same goes for the projected Rainbow, remove the clouds, no picture of the ROYGBIV,
(the seven colors of different speeds on the spectrum of visible light)
It can be shown and proven, as we move along, that the Rainbow is not actually a
refraction that comes from the sun light hitting the clouds or moisture directly, instead
Itís a generated flat sheet of polarized light that is first generated upon the
surface of earth, ocean or water first, and then itís projected vertically up into the
moisture, overhead cloud cell system, as logic clearly shows, given the arrangement of the
spectrum of colors, that the lowest color to the ground, is indeed the fastest, on the
spectrum, and the highest is somewhat slower as the light travels up and out from earth
vertically @ some 300K per second and as it penetrates deeper into the underside of the
weather cell its slowed by the action of the impact of penetration, and its 7 Harmonic
speed spectrumís goes through its motions, ROYGBIV as the light, comes to a stop
Now by this time the Scientific fraternity will be screaming, blue murder , as every
thing I have said thus far, goes against everything thatís known or been published
To unravel this conundrum Iíve used logic and inherent wisdom, and have
developed and designed an experiment, a litmus test, that will put, paid, to the misnomer,
the results of the litmus test are so conclusive, that one can begin to rewrite the known
laws of physics and all scientific text, and light spectrum physics data and the subject of
Electromagnetics, from the very moment you discover the results of the experiment, its
that simple and 100% conclusive
Further I wish to point out, that this very simple experiment will continue to open
doors, in the world of physics, as it sends the tumblers, wheeling and spinning like a
poker machine with 10 wheels, that continue to come up Aces, as the understood theory
begins giving, yet more and more answers to the most difficult perplexing questions, until
finally you will become a Master Practitioner of the Rosarium Philosophorum, or you
will become, what is known, as a child of enlightenment, a Master of the Solar King and
the Luna Queen and the Star, called Earth, the Rose and the peace dove
( sic ) Michel Nostradamus ( 1503- 1556)sic©

It is hard to read and understand at first,but please be patient and truly read it.
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