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Subject The LAST Chemtrail thread.......till tomorrow....humor me please
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Original Message I'm sitting here, reading threads, thinking to my self about the chemtrail argument.... I am soooooo conflicted!

I have seen them in the sky here in Oregon many mornings....even evenings lstely.

They are always at 30,000 or so feet. (no I didn't measure, but they are high)

They start out kind of parallel, and then seem to switch to criss cross and tic tac toe.

There are usually a LOT like 50 or more.

They fly right above our air space, they do not even divert a little.

I am more than a little suspicious, but my hubby (who is a private pilot of 25 years) says all the stories are bullsh**. He says they are nothing more than normal contrails. From high flying military type jets doing their normal flight routines daily. He says they fly so often to gain hours of flight time.

OK..... so let's just SAY that they aren't dropping chemicals......then why sooooo many high flights most.....but not ALL..... mornings???? Who is going where??? At a time when we are trying to "downsize" our military, WTF are we doing up there? And WHY?

I am uneducated in the Chemtrail craze...just a noob. Could we have a little round table discussion ?(not interested in shills and trolls trying to stir the pot) I would like to know both sides of this issue.

Try and be civilized....lol
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