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Subject Solar Flares and our Health: Might explain a lot more than you think...
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Original Message So the last few days we have had some interesting solar activity. People are noticing odd sensations, vibrations in their body...a tickling/prickling feeling in their hands and feet, intense migraines with aura ( [link to www.sciencedirect.com] just to name a few.

Solar flares have always been hypothesized to have an influence on many systems. If you believe in quantum entanglement, then you have to somewhat agree with this...the cool thing is now scientists have the technology to prove/measure these very real physiological changes within the body that occur at the time of solar flares and increasing solar activity. Extensive article on effects on Central Nervous System from solar radiation: [link to spaceradiation.usra.edu]

Our bodies have something called meridians which run throughout it and connect various accupressure points within the body. These meridians emit light, in the form of biophotons or "light-packets". Our meridians control the holographic image aka "blueprint" of our DNA. Telling it what genes to switch 'on/off' to encode for various proteins for cell growth and differentiation in the body. As the amount of biophotons increase EMF sensitivity increases, batteries around you will start draining more, lights flicker, just to name a few...your body is interacting (on a quantum level) at a distance because your bioenergy field is expanding and emitting more light.

These solar energies are very powerful even though they can not be seen...they still hit our bodies and have an impact, even if its small, it can accumulate over time (thyroid problems due to iodine deficiency and overload, etc).

[link to www.bibliotecapleyades.net]

Everyone who has paid attention to history would tell you that people look different and have different traits than they did in the past. IF electromagnetic fields can mutate DNA in a lab, how could the Sun-Moon-Earth connection not have some sort of influence on our bodies?? These energies from solar flares and the photon belt (which we started entering a few years to a decade or so ago - depending on the source you read about it from), do have an effect on the amount of "light" our meridians and bodies produce. Increasing all kinds of vibrations along those lines and within our DNA. Genes dormant for years could be expressed given the right environment.

I actually got this from a post on GLP that I think is fascinating -> Primeval Code(less than 50% of article)
[link to www.urzeit-code.com]

"Unexpectedly primeval organisms grew out of these seeds and eggs: a fern that no botanist was able to identify; primeval corn with up to twelve ears per stalk; wheat that was ready to be harvested in just four to six weeks. And giant trout, extinct in Europe for 130 years, with so-called salmon hooks. It was as if these organisms accessed their own genetic memories on command in the electric field.

"Our experiments do not involve a mutation of the organism in question, which in the case of genetic engineering involves channelling an additional gene into the organism. No entirely new organism is created. In the electrostatic field, only the gene expression is altered the retrieval of the existing gene."

Due to an increase in cosmic energies...

<- maybe we CAN turn our genes back on that our ancestors used to us, the other 90% "junk" DNA as some researchers call it. The invention of accupressure points did not just come from chance, they have to have felt something to know they existed... same with our chakras... [link to www.npr.org]

If these solar energies increase the amount of light/biophotons released in the body, having and effect on our DNA...it is so very critical to get rid of toxins in the body that can lead to unnatural vibrations and disease. More and more people are going to have "unknown/untreatable" illnesses as these energies increase and the body tries to rid itself of these man made toxins.

I read the other day about how toxins actually change the wavelength of light emitted by cells...how ironic? No wonder we are all sick...from environmental toxins and other factors it is literally impossible for our bodies to make these shifts into higher vibrational states, potentially mutating our DNA for a GOOD change along the way...instead we have problems such as autism, fibromyalgia, MS, EMF sensitivity, just to name a few.

Just take a look at this quote:

"What he discovered was that benzo[a]pyrene absorbed the light, then re-emitted it at a completely different frequency, like a CIA agent intercepting a communication from the enemy and jumbling it up. Here was a chemical which doubled as a biological frequency scrambler. Popp then performed the same test on benzo[e]pyrene, another polycyclic hydrocarbon and virtually identical to benzo[a]pyrene, save for a tiny alteration in its molecular makeup. This tiny difference in one of the compound rings was critical as it rendered benzo[e]pyrene harmless to humans, and UV light passed through unaltered...

Popp puzzled over this difference, and continued to experiment with UV light and other compounds. He performed his test on 37 different chemicals, some cancer-causing, some not. After a while, he was able to predict which substances could cause cancer. In every instance, the compounds that were carcinogenic took the UV light, absorbed it and changed the frequency."

[link to www.homoeopathyclassical.com]

Radiation can lead to many different effects in the body as it increases energy and toxic release from various systems. This release puts many of them into overload and the body can't handle it and stay at a healthy state...each person is different. I notice a "detoxing" effect at the initial time of the flare to a day or so after, and then a serious increase in good energies as my body has cleared out some of the other unnatural vibrations stored...its an ongoing process, a cleansing...

Symptoms correlated to solar activity:
-Migraines with Aura
-Hot flashes/flush appearance on skin
-Central Nervous System problems
-Cardiac arrest Thread: Solar Flares, Heart Attacks and effects on the Central Nervous System- Hands only CPR Campaign
-Blood pressure regulation problems
-Blood sugar regulation problems
-anxiety/nervousness for no outside reason
-joint pain (for many with arthritis)
and more...many are related to the body trying to rid itself of unnatural vibrations from toxins!

Connecting yourself to the earths magnetic field to pull in HEALING energies is going to become increasingly important. Potassium Iodide intake (to protect thyroid), ionic detox foot baths, grounding mats, and health eating are VERY important as cellular respiration rates can increase due to energies and thus free radicals are created from these processes. Over time, if we don't have enough antioxidants and healthy nutrients/salts the body becomes very acidic leading to disease. Here are some articles that might help you make some connections...

Biophotons: DNA Radiance of Health and Disease

[link to news.pillaicenter.com]

"Junk" DNA:

[link to www.npr.org]

[link to www.soulsofdistortion.nl]

[link to www.homoeopathyclassical.com]

Earthing/Grounding Information and research articles:

Earthing Studies: [link to earthinginstitute.net]

[link to online.liebertpub.com]

Solar Flares=massive amounts of energy right?

"Energy is never created or destroyed, only transformed"...our minds and bodies generate energy like every living thing.

Its time to use them to heal ourselves and the world around us...this won't come without a humbling of the masses as many negative energies are released and rebalanced.
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