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Subject Kris Vallatton is a very good (Christian) speaker. Listen to last nights teaching. He is live now too!
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Original Message Kris Vallotton is a very engaging speaker. He is very funny and laid back and looks at things very logically.

[link to www.ustream.tv]

The worship stops at 51:00. Here are some notes I took while listening to this recording.

He starts talking about sex and how natural it is at 59:00

(1:04) Believers can be oppressed by demons
- Not all your thoughts are your own. Question reality.
-The devil loves attention.

(1:06) The devil is disarmed and defeated.

(1:08) Women have a much more natural aversion to sin and evil (based on the curse that put enmity between the serpent and the woman).
"You should have messed with Adam, Satan, but sucks to be you, you messed with Eve."

Women being ruled over by their husbands was a curse. When are women released from that curse? At the cross? Yes!

1:11:11 Beginning of Message

1:12:00 You are a new (an original) creation

1:13:30 Jesus died for our sins but also so that we would inherit the glory that we were designed to carry.

1:14:30 You are inherently a good person. We aren't sinners (that need grace) We are saints! We don't need to waste time worrying about being sinners.

1:15:30 Condemnation vs. Conviction

The devil wants to condemn you and convince you that you are a sinner.
(He whispers to us:)
lie=liar drunk=alcoholic cheat= adulteress

Conviction comes from the Holy spirit and reminds you that you are too cool to be doing that stuff.

1:17:00 Analysis of the Prodigal Son and how it was called "The Story of Two Sons" because the elder boy is an important part to look at. (Saved by love not works)

Once you know who you are and what you are there is no room for fear and anxiety. Your Daddy is the Creator of the Universe.

A joyful soul heals the body (joy=medicine)

1:41:00 We are tripolar "Be renewed in the spirit of your mind." If you have an evil spirit it affects the way you think. Jesus shapes the way we think. The body affects the way we think (ie drugs).

1:50:00 You mind is doing way more unconsciously than consciously.

1:52:00 Sometimes your body needs your help so you experience pain.

The average person learns of more bad news in a week than our grandparents learned their whole lifetimes.

1:55:00 The kingdom of God is righteousness and peace. Live there in your norm. Then when you feel negative (pain) analyze it and discover where it is coming from.

1:57:00 We can't afford to have any place in our lives that doesn't have hope attached to it (is of God).

1:59:00 We are not fragile. We need to appreciate our strength.

2:03:00 Satan has no power over us. He is defeated. If he could kill us he already would have.

(I stopped keeping track of the time in video)

We are a composition of body, soul, spirit and how they overlap and mix (and how all connect to our mind)

He tells some hilarious healing stories

How we make our "soul" (passion, pleasure) evil and the negative impact doing that has on us.

Emotion is not bad. God is emotional. We were created to be emotional.

Spiritual isn't about ignoring the soul and body, it is about letting your spirit lead them.

There is a difference between being weak and being evil.

The dangers of abusing our soul

Like for example we are designed to need affection and attention.

We have a need for significance (you were designed to make a difference)

When we were young we knew we were born to make a difference.

Temptation is not sin!

You are not defined by the temptations you resist, but the passions you embrace.

Sin is not being tempted (Jesus was tempted a ton) sin is what you choose to embrace.

Same sex attraction is not acting on the temptation. It does not define you.

Christians pretend they don't have natural temptations (but they do).

The truth hurts!

Sometimes he (Kris) wants to "spit in the face of religious spirit" lol

Take care of your appetites before they manage you. Manage your soul. Live in wholeness. (Sometimes sleep instead of read the Bible).

End Prayer Points:

Help us be authentic and become all that you made us to be.

Release us from the bondage of punishing ourselves from being human

Take everything that is meant to destroy us and use it on us so we get stronger, happier, healthier.

He is live right now!

[link to ignitedchurch.tv]


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