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Subject WH Insider re death of a Dem operative after witnessing strange behavior by Obama before taking the stage at the Convention in '08!!!!!
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Original Message "Following their witnessing of odd and troubling behavior from Barack Obama just prior to him taking the stage at the 2008 Democratic Convention, a longtime political operative is found dead, and those closely associated with him are facing a myriad of legal and financial challenges. Coincidence – or something far more sinister?"

The Senator he's speaking of is Dianne Feinstein. The Democrate political operative and close associate to Feinstein that mysteriousy died is Kam Kuwata.

If you go to the links below, you will be riveted by what this man has to say.

Part 1: [link to theulstermanreport.com]

Part 2: [link to theulstermanreport.com]

Part 3: [link to theulstermanreport.com]

Here is a comment by one of the posters at the site, which kind of ties things together:

Ok. First off I will say that although I enjoy reading these insider stories and have been reading them for like since last year, I always thought they were more like Gonzo type journalism. Bits of truth maybe with a lot of fabrication. This latest series has me hooked on the truth train though. And why that is is because all the clues once you string them together, and people in these comments did such a great job of it then I stand back and take a look at it all and I am stunned. Actually just stunned.

Totally agree that the death of a well known political person should have been investigated. This one seems like it just got buried quick. That makes me wonder. Then I read the clues and explanations by some of you in here and I go from wondering to flat out shocked.

This guy is hooked up big time with the Senator Feinstein. She is Californias most powerful senator. After 2008 she is hit with a bunch of accusations and finally gets about 5 million stolen from a woman who was the head of an Obama organization in California. That just seems like wow. Guess that is about all I can say on that.

And the other guy the “Hank Morris” he goes way back with Kuwata and Feinstein. He gets hit with charges a little time after Obama is elected and now he’s off to jail. Say whaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!! Sniff sniff something really strange is going on here.

Oh and then theres the campaign that Kuwata was working for in 2010. That is like 6 months before he dies right? And he’s working agains the Obama candidate for Attorney General of California. Hmmmm. Yes if he was trying to get protection that would be a very good way to do it. But the Obama candidat wins and about 6 months later Kuwata is dead.

And its at his funeral/memorial thing that the Senator spills the beans on the Bin Laden killing and says those very strange things about her friends death: Don’t know when how or why???? And it’s like what, a month or two later when all her camapiagn cash is stolen by the former Obama organization lady???? Say whaaaaaaaaaat???????????

A guy says he sees something weird by President Obama. Like real weird. And anyone watch a video of his speech that night in Denver convention????? Blink-blink-blink-blink-blink almost gave me a seizure. Creepy creepy creepy. So he tells a few people like the Senator and that Hank guy. Both of them get in big trouble right after. He tries to get an in with the Attorney General of Califorina but doesn’t happen and then a little later he is dead.
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