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Subject The 2012 Movie Decoded!
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Original Message People check this amazing post from this thread
Thread: !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!! (Page 30)

I watched the movie 2012 last night and here's the things i caught.

As soon the movie starts they show to us a big planet a moon and a smaller moon behind it!

this immediately reminded me our moon levan and the second moon lilith that is hiding behind it.

[link to www.valkyrieastrology.com]
"Dark Moon Lilith: This is by far the most interesting. As far back as September 2, 1618, astronomers have reported the existence of a second satellite of the Earth, but it's rarely seen because it's three times farther away than our popular Moon and about one-fourth the size. Dr. Georg Waltenmath, an amateur astronomer in Hamburg, claimed to have rediscovered this elusive moon in 1898. It reportedly reflects almost no light and can only be seen when transiting the face of the Sun or on rare occasions when it's fully opposite the Sun, when it appears slightly red. On February 4, 1898, Dr. Waltenmath claimed that he and eleven witnesses had seen this moon crossing the solar disk, but other astronomers of the day supposedly didn't see a thing. It is believed to have a stable orbit that takes 119 days to circle the Earth, thus spending about ten days in each Sign. With today's technology, it doesn't seem like it would be that difficult to find it and either confirm or discount its existence once and for all."

Then they talked about the neutrinos

"-So, what are we
looking at?
-These neutrinos are
acting normally. No mass,
no electrical charge.
They pass through
ordinary matter
almost undisturbed.
-Your message said
the count doubled
after the last
solar eruptions.
-That was last week.
But this happened
two days ago.
The biggest solar eruptions
in human history.
Causing the highest
neutrino count
we've ever recorded.
-My God.
-That's not what
worries me, Adrian.
For the first time ever
the neutrinos are causing
a physical reaction
-That's impossible.
That feels very good!
Please, follow me.
You wont believe this.
This water tank goes
down another 6000 feet.
It looks like the neutrinos
coming from the sun
have mutated into a new
kind of nuclear particle.
They're heating up
the Earth's core.
And suddenly act
like microwaves."

This part about the neutrinos i found it very interesting as ghrees has said the cosmic antibodies that have arrived in our solar system to defeat and arrest the galactic criminals have war planets in 6 parallel dimensions with a total count of 960 while the moon criminals have 120 war planets with moon and lilith their flag ships that are also their only war planets for the 2nd dimension.
more here
[link to hellenandchaos.blogspot.com]

Our leaders here on our planet try to monitor the war planets of the good guys in the parallel higher dimensions using their neutrino telescopes!
ghrees has also said our leaders have also placed maser weapons in the openings/portals of our planet to the parallel dimensions in an effort to prevent the cosmic antibodies from coming to our planet.

so in the movie when these guys monitor the neutrinos and are getting scared that is cause the goods guys are taking action!
more about the neutrino telescopes here
[link to www.google.com]

Neutrino Telescopes: Catching Images of Ghost Particles/beings and war planets of the parallel dimensions etc (and also can be used to record the soul traps and anything else that takes place in the parallel dimensions! so our leaders/moon puppets are fully aware of what's going on on our planet!
[link to www.bostonphotonics.org]

then the movie 2012 tries to blame the neutrinos for the underground water that is heating up and causing earthquakes and all kinds of disasters, my answer to that is good ol' government made HAARP!
[link to www.google.com]

"The world
as we know it
will soon come
to an end."

I found it very interesting when the president of the usa said that then the camera immediately showed china, showing us subliminally who is really going to end us!
Thread: The Chinese Plan To Genocide The USA!!!

"Neat, huh? I did all
the animation myself.
You lure them in
with humor.
Then you make
them think."

The above strategy is being used by all comedians today good and bad.
Also in the animation that guy did, he had a dinosaur eating our planet earth, another subliminal message on who is really gonna destroy our planet the draconian moon criminals and their hybrid race the chinese!

Also when they said and showed us the galactic alignment, they had the sun in the center, planet jupiter on the far right side and saturn on the far left side.
I took that as another subliminal message that showed us the 2 sides that will fight for our sun/solar system, the moon fleet on jupiter's orbit against the universal antibodies fleet on saturn's orbit.
"new moons of saturn and jupiter"
[link to www.google.com (secure)]

"You'd have to keep a thing
like this under wraps.
Just think about it.
First, the stock market would go.
Then the economy: Boom!
The dollar: Boom!
And then pandemonium
in the street.
War, genocide.
Boom Boom Boom!"

This above strategy is well known among the secret services, it's the 4 steps to destroy any nation from within.
4)normalization(foreign/chine​se invasion/genocide!)

I recommend you guys to watch the whole 1 plus hour interview of russian ex kgb agent yuri bezmenov, it will raise your intelligence many levels!
[link to www.youtube.com]

"-Kate, California
is going down.
-Pack up the kids now!
- They just got back.
God, you sound like
a crazy person.
The governor just said
we're fine now.
-The guy's an actor, he's
reading a script!

When they tell you
not to panic
That's when you run!"

It's funny they put arnold in the movie instead of any other politician so the ignorant viewers will think the guy was meaning only arnold being an actor and not every politician since they're all scripted!
Another good movie i recommend you guys to watch is "the truman show" where the criminals on the moon were making movies on earth using real actors with victims us! subliminally showing us everything that happens on our planet wars genocides starvation pandemics etc are all planned/scripted by the moon criminals years before they happened just like ancient philosophers said the gods/moon criminals are watching controlling and manipulate the future of humanity!

"The last day of the
United States of America
Final hour of all mankind.
As we will be visible from
the Milky Way as a tiny
little puff of smoke.
I'm watching the Earth
crumble before my eyes.
The giant ash cloud
created by this
super volcano
will first envelop Vegas,
and then St. Louis
and then Chicago,
and then at long last,
Washington D.C. will
have its lights go out."

In one of the thread i made that the chinese plan to genocide everybody on this planet i got a reply from a guy that knew a retired us general that told him if you take a trip to space and come back 300 years later you'll see our planet full with chinese and not a single black or white person! and that's another proof people that our leaders know exactly the planned/scripted future that has been placed upon us yet none of them are trying to stop or change it!
here's a priest reading the bible in revelations where it says 200 million soldiers from the east will genocide the world and at the end he says we cannot stop it we have to let it happen since it's god's choice!

as about him saying at the end we can't stop change what's coming cause it's in the book and god's choice i will quote bill cooper as my answer to him



Also people check these links
Thread: Jesus IS Satan - 666 Mark of the Beast
Thread: Greek orthodox christian leader Christodoulos and all bishops worship SATAN in the church!

For those of you that have seen the movie "the book of eli/lie" now you should understand clearly what the bad guy said
"that book/bible is a weapon aimed right at the hearts and minds of the weak and desperate"

a weapon that has already killed/confined all sheeples minds across the globe, that's why the chinese job to genocide the world will find almost no obstacles in front of them cause just like a famous illusionist chris angel said to randy cuture in one of his videos
"kill/scare/brainwash a guy in his mind and his body will not fight!"

Next in the movie when they showed the volcano explosion it looked a lot like a nuclear or h-bomb blast.

Again what a better way to blame on nature all of your crimes just like the israelies in their bible were saying their god told them to genocide the local population in israel and take their land as theirs! or all the crimes they did to agypt country they had occupied(google "agypt hyksos") killing millions of babies etc saying god and his angels did them!
like the chinese today when they shut down our power grid their shills that have been placed as our leaders their media puppets etc will be saying our sun did it and the amazing will be when they nuke america the media all over the world to say it's volcano blasts! it's nature people don't panic/that's when you run lol.
and this also reminded me in the history channel when they were talking about ww1 when the german planes flew over russia, the russian media were telling to the population "military exercises nothing to worry about don't panic(that's when you run lol") and when the planes started dropping bombs then the population realized what really is going on but it was to late to find protection etc.
i was surprised they put that in the history channel as it could raise awareness to the masses not to trust the media at all during war times.

"So. Now that you
got your map,
where are we going?"

The camera showed the map of china, they were going to china and that is another subliminal message of who is gonna be the new ruler/big boss of our planet after usa goes down the tubes. What amazes me is that media like russia today make videos of how evil america is yet not only they don't say a bad word about communist china but they praise her! and if you read the comments on their videos you'll see people having a lot of hate for china's puppet the usa yet they only have good words to say for the puppet master the invisible snake that no one takes notice until after it has strike and the victim is in his mouth, cause they don't know shit about the puppet master.


"I'll be the last president of
the United States of America.
Do you know how
that feels, son?"

Man when i heard that i jumped off my chair! and you will too after you see this youtube video!

This video was posted on youtube in 2008 a year before the movie 2012 came out and they quoted a usa news magazine from 1997 where it said.
"They wrote themselves in 1997, i read in their magazine that in 2008 will be held last election and African American will win. Who wrote it?"

The video description says:
"Speaker of lower chamber of Russian parliament offers his incites on destruction of USA ( bigot calls it America , probably was hanging out with Sarah Paulin a lot :) who think Africa is a country too ) He says Obama will be last president according to some magazine sources that he has read in 1997"

Also take note of the russian propaganda on that america/china's puppet is the source of all evil,that's a strategy to keep the people's head distracted on the dragon/snake's tail while the head gets ready to eat them all!
For those of you that have trouble understanding that usa is china's puppet visit the above link "THE HIGHEST DRACONIAN MASONIC HYPER-LODGE" like you should know by now is that all leaders around the globe belong in secret societies, what you don't know is that all those secret societies are connected with each other in a hierarchical order with right on top of them the supreme masonic hyper-lodge hung/hong of china!

[link to 3.bp.blogspot.com]

Also for those of you that have seen the new movie captain america do you remember what the nazis were saying over and over?
take a look at how hydra looks here.
[link to www.google.com]
a snake with many heads!

now take a look of the the great seal of the draconian trilateral commission [link to neovitruvian.wordpress.com]

If you wanna kill a snake you go after it's head that's why the head of the snake/china puts all of her efforts to keep us distracted with her tail/puppets make the people think the illuminati is the head or the j,ews is the head or the masons is the head or the pope the queen of england etc is the head/top of the pyramid, you can't kill the snake by attacking its tail and you also give away your position when you do so the head can turn and attack you with full force!

"-Do not believe in
something simply
because you have
heard it, Nima.
-But great Lama.
Tenzin is my brother.
He works inside
the big tunnel,
where the ships
are built.
-But what is there
in your wisdom,
great Lama,
if Tenzin is right?
What if our world is
indeed coming to and end?
-It is full, great Rinpoche.
-Like this cup,
you are full of opinions and
To see the light
of wisdom,
You first must
empty your cup."

Now this dialogue relates absolutely with this soul traps thread and if you didn't take notice of the above lama/lunar agent selling us death here it is.

We do are full of opinions,speculations,thoughts,information,memories etc this is what makes us the personality of our soul and here the lama/lunar agent advises us that to see the light of wisdom we must empty/erase our cup/soul/hard drive so again his boss the moon criminals can take total control of our soul's future becoming once again their bitch!

Would you erase everything you learned for some light of wisdom you know nothing about that someone promised you?
Would you trade gold for toilet paper, would you trade badass knowledge(that's what makes you wise/smart/intelligent!) for some empty colorful beautiful blinding light?
I can keep going for ever embarrassing these "LUNA-TICS" lunar agents!

"Leave it to the Chinese.
I didn't think
it was possible.
Not in the
time we had."

In the above movie our leaders had the chinese built the top secret ships to save themselves! would you trust your enemy to build some vital equipment you would need to save yourself in a time of an emergency?
Would you put your trust to save yourself to a foreign country that has said openly that plans to genocide you and your country?

if you have read by now the link the chinese plan to genocide the usa
Thread: The Chinese Plan To Genocide The USA!!!
you'll find an article with a chinese general comrade chi haotian saying openly that they plan to genocide america canada and australia and take our land cause china has exceeded by far the number of people it can support so they will either have to kill 800 million of their own population or genocide the other countries and take their land.
and to reminde you china is ranked number 1 in the worst genocides of the 20th century killing 80,000,000 of their own people!
[link to www.scaruffi.com]

Now think people if you knew in advance that your country can only support a certain amount of people would you let it exceed that number to the point you'll have to steal other people's land? not of course unless to genocide other countries and steal their land is your plan!

Also in the above first links you'll find articles of the us navy having china to build thousands of guiding missile computer chips that they were found later to be full with backdoor trojan viruses!

"They're opening
the mountain.
They are leaving
without us.
Get back. What did
I tell you!
They are leaving
you behind too."

This was a subliminal message to the rich boys bill gates rockefellers rothchilds etc and all billionaires of the world that have bought that 1 billion dollar ticket for a seat to survive armageddon, and it also verified what ghrees said that after the chinese succeed genociding the planet they will genocide and all their puppets everyone that is not pure yellow chinese even their bastard sons mongols(yellow white mix) j,ews etc.

A Message to our traitors leaders and all other non chinese rich puppets of china:
Watch the movie 2012 rich puppets and watch that part that they were going to leave you behind to die carefully, that is your bright glorious future, the plan the boss you serve have in place for your sorry asses!

"This is hard to believe,
but the Himalayas
are no longer the
roof of the world.
It's now the
Drakensberg mountains"

The roof/rulers of the world now is the Drakens(Drako's race)berg mountains.

A nice last subliminal message from that movie and also to think from the movie's point of view since the chinese were given the job to build the ships to save the fat rich pigs they knew in advance what was going to happen so they would build many more ships for themselves so it would be their race to dominate the planet after and then all they have to do is slaughter the fat rich pigs or leave them behind to die like they showed us in the movie.

(Also check this very interesting post someone posted in this thread
Thread: The Chinese is the new Jew!
"The plan has been in the works for decades that "yellow people" (the way my author friend puts it) will be at the top of the pyramid when the dust settles. A colonel from Langley told him that over 20 years ago, and he told me 6 years ago.

There is a ton of evidence to support this -- that goes way above and beyond any "mainstream info" -- but nobody on GLP likes to read so I won't post it.

Bottom line is that the West is being gutted and everything moved over there. It is ALL BY DESIGN. The mainstream "explanations" for what we are witnessing are downright laughable! ("The Chinese are smarter so they were able to secure a better contract than the U.S.") You can thank the "ruling elites" for this shit.")

Only thing that ruling elite forgot to take into account is that

Lastly from the movie 2012 the last screen they showed us was the African continent which looked like a face with a big long head(you could clearly see the mouth nose eye etc) that reminded me the big boss fallen's reptilian face of the transformers 2 and the reptilian god in dragonball z who was watching and ruling over earth.

skip to 4:04 to take a look at the bad guys' boss face.

What a good looking god/criminal billions of sheeple across this planet serve and worship roflmao!
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