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Subject Question for pre-tribulation Rapture believers - *Christians Only*
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Original Message Hi, I just have some questions for Christians who believe that God is going to rapture christians before Jesus returns so that they wont have to face the False Messiah during the time of the tribluation, the 7 seals, vials, and trumps.

This theory doesnt make any sense to me.

1. If someone was flying an airplane and he gets raptured to see God then that means the plane is going to crash and the people on it will die and they will see God too. You see how that doesnt make any sense?

2. The Bible says the False Messiah will make war with the saints and will sometimes win. The saints are the holy of holys, you mean to tell me God is going to rapture some piss wit feel good Christian while leaving the holy of holys here to suffer against the Anti Christ? That doesnt make any damn sense to me.

3. Through out the whole entire bible, whenever there is pain and suffering from a tyrannical leader God has never raptured any of his people away. He always sent prophets to lead them to the right way. In our time it will be the two witnesses.

I think the rapture theory is some bullshit scam to make christians believe to do nothing when that time comes. Its often preached at 501 c3 churches because those churches are controlled by the govt so they want people to stand down and not do shit and have the mind set of "oh the time is here, we shouldnt do anything, Jesus will save me." Jesus will save you but you have to put in some work too.

Why do you think the pre trib rapture will happen?
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